The NCMEC claims that the criticized abductor’s person is Ricky Lee Buttrom. Following the catching, an Amber Alert was given, and a squeezing pursuit was expected. Ricky Lee Buttrom is faulted for being a criminal who grabbed Cataleya Buttrom.

He is depicted as a 25-year-old dull male. His height is 6’7,” and he weighs around 193 pounds. He has dull eyes and dreadlocks. Following the getting, Lee was driving a blue Toyota Rav 4 with the Georiga plate number CRF9791.

More information is yet to be conveyed to him as it is a making case. Police have reached people to call 911 expecting that they run into Ricky or an individual to fit the above description.

Kidnapping is an authentic bad behavior with genuine outcomes. Kidnapping is named a wrongdoing offense in all states; regardless, each state has changing degrees of violations with varied disciplines related with them.

So, Ricky Lee Buttrom will be presented to jail time accepting that he contends guilty.  Convictions for catching can achieve tremendous prison terms, joining life sentences now and again and states.

For first-degree or aggravated grabbing, disciplines of 20 years or more are standard, while least events of five years or more are progressive for second-degree kidnapping. Kidnapping sentiments pass on colossal fines regardless jail terms.

Affections for exasperated seizing can achieve disciplines of $50,000 or more, while affections for standard catching can achieve disciplines of $10,000 or more. No information is followed through on the family members of Ricky Lee Buttrom.

Abducted by Ricky Lee Buttrom & in a blue Toyota Rav 4, tag no. CRF9791.

Call 911 or 770.387.5195 with info on location. @NCMEC

— GA Bureau of Investigation (@GBI_GA) December 2, 2021

Ricky isn’t to be found on Facebook. We induce he deleted his profile after the understanding with regards to him spread through the country. As Ricky and the took Georgia Buttom share a comparable last name, numerous people have hypothesized them to be associated.

Regardless, no genuine information isn’t progressed to exhibit the statement. Even anyway Ricky is open on Facebook, the outflow of him being captured has spread all through the stage.