“He ended his own life. He could commit himself in a similar measure of time it took him to kill Billue and Monica. It doesn’t take long to finish. It might occur in two or three seconds on the off chance that somebody chooses to make it happen.”


The passing of Dubose was confirmed by Georgia Department of Corrections workers, as indicated by the sheriff. The reason for death was not revealed in a press proclamation gave on Sunday.

Ricky Dubose’s Death In Prison Amendments work force found Ricky Dubose oblivious in his cell at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, as indicated by a Department of Corrections news discharge. The gatekeepers started to help and mentioned clinical help. The coroner at the prison proclaimed Dubose perished at 5:56 p.m.

As indicated by authorities from the Department of Corrections,

“The crisis administrations were reached, and life-saving endeavors were taken. The coroner articulated Dubose dead at the office at 5:56 p.m. As is ordinary practice, the GDC is sending off an investigation into the casualty as a team with the GBI.”

As per accounts, Ricky Dubose’s demise lamented Attorney Gerard Ward. He said, “Despite the fact that I’d just known Ricky for about a year, this is hugely horrible to us all.”

In June 2017, Dubose and an individual detainee called Donnie Rowe overwhelmed two jail authorities named Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica in a jail transport vehicle. Dubose killed them utilizing one of their weapons. He and Rowe escaped subsequent to burglarizing a bystander lastly arrived in Tennessee.

As per Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing, at that point, the convicts were limited and their property and apparel were taken. The outlaws ultimately gave up. They gave themselves to a nearby person instead of specialists, as indicated by policing.

He was responsible for stealing a gun on a transport bus and killing the 2 CO’s in Putnam County. pic.twitter.com/BEmA14ao4E

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In spite of the way that the two people were attempted and sentenced independently, Dubose got capital punishment as the genuine shooter. Rowe was condemned to life in jail without the opportunity of delivery. Dubose’s lawyers contended in court that Rowe had impact over their client’s activities and that their client had a scholarly impediment.

Gabrielle Pittman, a safeguard lawyer, said, “Ricky did, for sure, take shots at individuals. Be that as it may, you realize who was driving and who gave him the weapons… it was Donnie.”

T. Wright Barksdale, the investigator, portrayed Dubose as “a cunning, decided criminal.” The family members of casualties Billue and Monica commended the judgment and discipline distributed to Dubose.