There are a lot of similarities between Doctor Who and Rick and Morty. Both feature weird sci-fi adventures. Both have devoted fan bases. They go eons between seasons. But one of the most similar things are their protagonists. Rick and The Doctor are brilliant, space-faring explorers with courage and ingenuity beyond most other mortals. However, since there can never be a two-way tie at the top, we figured we’d find out exactly which sci-fi adventurer was better. To do that, we broke down what makes them the weird explorers that they are and judged each contestant in the individual categories.

Check it out!

Look: The Doctor

In a universe full of aliens and extra-dimensional beings, you’ve got to stand out if you wang to be a protagonist. And to be completely fair, both the Doctor and Rick Sanchez have pretty catchy outfits. But we have to give the fashion point to The Doctor. Not only does she have to stand out against the creatures she encounters on a daily basis, but against other versions of herself as well. And though we love the Doc Brown cosplay that Rick’s got going on, he can’t beat that.

Inventions: Rick

The Doctor is pretty good with advanced technology, there’s no denying that. But when it comes to who has the creative chops when it comes to science-fiction gadgetry, we have to award the point to Rick Sanchez. After all, everything that uses regularly care from his own garage (and furthermore, his own brain). The Doctor’s tech is great, but it’s not original to her.  In fact, we’re pretty sure she straight up stole the TARDIS.

Strategy: The Doctor

It takes careful, intentional planning to survive as a science-fiction adventurer. And though Rick Sanchez definitely has the ability to plan ahead, he typically lets himself get into situations without thinking through his next steps.

The Doctor does that too, occasionally. But usually, she’s got a plan up her sleeve that even the smartest evil minds can’t see coming. It’s how she’s always able to rescue so many people, and got to just where and when she needs to be to complete a task or solve a mystery. Maybe it’s because she travels in time more often, but we’re pretty sure The Doctor has a better mind for thinking ahead.

Intelligence: Rick

Speaking of minds, both The Doctor and Rick Sanchez have brilliant ones. Like, change the world brilliant. Alter the fabric of our reality forever brilliant. Even still, Rick has the more brilliant mind. On intelligence alone, Rick always comes out on top of The Doctor. He can do things in an afternoon that the Doctor would take one of her full lives to complete. Though it’s almost never used for the right purposes, Rick’s brain just has more in it than our favorite Time-Lord’s. That being said, common sense isn’t always one of the things it contains.

Luck: The Doctor

It takes a certain level of sheer fortune to survive many situations both the Doctor and Rick frequently find themselves in. But if we were to find a way to measure the amounts of luck in both their lives, we think that we’d find more on the side of the Doctor. Of course, this could just be because of the different tones of their show. Doctor Who is, after all, a lot more hopeful and a lot less depressing than Rick and Morty. For example, failing to save a planet’s civilization on Doctor Who would be a tragic turn of events, maybe even a harrowing season finale cliffhanger.

On Rick and Morty, that would be, like, a Tuesday.

Power: Rick

Whether it’s mental, manipulative, or physical power, both Rick and the Doctor have got it in spades. Just ask their enemies. But Tick proves over and over again that he’s got more.

Just ask Rick’s friend Birdperson, who describes Rick’s abilities as almost godlike. In fact, we’re pretty sure he actually does call him a god. And with good reason. The abilities inside that always-drunk, always grumpy brain would make even deities tremble.

Control: The Doctor

There is, however, a flip side to that power. That is, it must be controlled. And in this regard, the Doctor actually has more of an edge. She can not just wield the forces of the universe in awe-inspiring ways, she can temper them to fit her needs. Rick, whether it’s because he’s angry or drunk (or probably both), can lose control a lot easier. This often causes chaos for the people around him. And though the Doctor might inadvertently do the same thing, it’s never to the degree as the Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137.

Physiology: Rick

Rick and the Doctor are not like you and I. And not just in their advanced intelligence. Biologically, both characters are far superior than the average human being. For the most part, we see that in the character of the Doctor, who can literally die an be ok. Until, in Season Three, we got a look at what’s going on inside Rick’s body. Rick is essentially a living weapon, loaded with so many hidden weapons and defenses in his physical person it’s a wonder he can get into any intergalactic airport. The Doctor might shrug off death pretty easily, but it’s likely that Rick Sanchez might just never have to deal with it at all.

Companions: The Doctor

Even if you don’t love Morty, you have to at least pity him a bit. After all, it’s not his fault his grandfather forces him to go on so many terrifying adventures. Frankly, he’d rather just have an average teen’s life. However, whatever feelings you may have for Morty, we have to give the better companions award to the Doctor. Not only does she interact with and befriend some of the weirdest and coolest individuals across space and time, she usually makes their lives better in some way. And vice versa.

No offense to Morty and the Smith family (well, maybe offense to Jerry), but that’s just not the case with them.

Winner: The Doctor

Sorry Rick and Morty fans, but everyone’s favorite Time-Lord comes out on top in this match-up. Both characters are obviously incredible and it was certainly a close call, but we have to give it to the BBC’s longest surviving sci-fi hero. But what do you think? Did we us the right categories to judge these two science adventurers? Were any of our judgements wrong? Let us know in the comments section below, and happy debating!