The previous seasons of Rick and Morty have given fans some of the best Smith family team-ups. While many episodes follow the exploits of both Rick and Morty, every now and then the other members of the Smith family get in on the action.

Rick and Morty relies on the cynical but sometimes loving dynamic between Rick and his grandson Morty. This dynamic is what fans have come to love and expect when tuning in to the show. However, the other members of the Smith family (Jerry, Beth, and Summer) often offer an additional family dynamic.

The relationships between the Smiths are complicated. But, when they are all faced with an impending challenge, they become a force to be reckoned with. Here are the best Smith family team-ups in Rick and Morty so far.

Rattlestar Ricklactica

This team-up is one of the best because it shows that the Smiths are used to chaos. After Morty is attacked by a cyborg snake he runs to the garage to warn Beth and Rick of the danger. Shortly after, more cyborg snakes begin to appear. Rick and Beth grab guns and begin shooting the snakes while a shirtless Morty uses only his fists. Beth doesn’t hesitate or ask any questions. To her, it’s just another day. The fight continues later in the episode when Rick and Morty return from teaching the snakes time travel. Beth holding a baseball bat and Summer wielding a machete are seen in the front yard cutting down snakes with ease. This isn’t their first fight, so it is barely a challenge for them. The only trouble that arises is when Summer gets choked by a snake. However, Rick dispatches it quickly by blowing it away with a pistol.

Rick Potion No. 9

Rick Potion No. 9 is one of the only team-ups to include Jerry. Fans get to see a whole different side of him. He is driven and heroic, as opposed to the weak, attention hungry personality that fans are used to. Jerry drives a post-apocalyptic van outfitted with lights, armor, and a cowcatcher with swords attached. He plows through cronenbergs, the mutants that were created by mistake when Rick made a love potion for Morty. Additionally, we get to see Beth in on the action fighting alongside Jerry towards the end of the episode. Jerry slices up cronenbergs with a machete while Beth blasts away with a shotgun. This lets viewers see that their marriage is co-dependent, a marriage that for the duration of the episode seemed rocky. Jerry was looking to prove that Beth was cheating on him, only to find out he was wrong. The heroic side of Jerry and the co-dependent dynamic between he and Beth is what makes this a great team-up.

Total Ricktall

Total Ricktall is the best episode featuring a Smith family team-up. Four out of the five family members take part in a household massacre of telepathic space parasites. These parasites embed themselves in memories, thus making it difficult to figure out if they’re even real. Morty soon discovers that he can only have good memories with the parasites. Therefore, he figures out that Rick and the rest of his family can’t be parasites because he has bad memories about them. After explaining this to the rest of his family (minus Jerry), they quickly figure out who the parasites are. Rick and Morty hand out guns to Summer and Beth as they recall their bad memories. Heavily armed, they cull the countless parasites that have invaded their home in an epic action packed slaughter.

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