Rick and Morty is perhaps the hottest, currently running animated television show for adults. From the strange, philosophical meta-humor to the childish toilet humor, Rick and Morty is willing to go anywhere and do anything in pursuit of laughs. One of the more important characters in the show is Jerry Smith.

A somewhat pathetic loser of a dad, Jerry tends to be the show’s biggest foil. Often in pursuit of his own self-interests, Jerry makes mistakes that put his whole family in a heap of trouble. Here are the ten most shameless things Jerry has ever done in Rick and Morty. 

Manipulating His Daughter

In the episode “Look Who’s Purging Now” it appears that Jerry is actually making an honest effort to get to know his daughter a little better. Summer rebuffs his attempts at conversation but later relents.

Jerry goes on to tell Summer how proud he is to be her father. It is truly a touching moment. That is until it is revealed that Jerry was merely manipulating Summer into loaning him some money.

Dating Kiara

After Beth decided to leave him, Jerry was on a desperate search for a rebound woman. He ended up settling with an alien warrior priestess known as Kiara. They met on an intergalactic dating website recommended by Rick.

Jerry carelessly begins the relationship with no regard for Kiara’s customs. It even goes as far as the two creating a “Soul Bond.” When Jerry later reveals he was merely using Kiara as a rebound, that doesn’t end very well.

Blaming His Children

With Kiara left furious by Jerry’s breakup attempt, he decides to deflect blame, which he is normally used to doing. Jerry tells Kiara that it was actually his children’s’ fault that they had to split up.

Enraged, Kiara hunts down Morty and Summer in hopes of killing them in order to save her relationship with Jerry. Although it was later revealed Kiara was using Jerry as a rebound as well, it is no less shameful that Jerry decided to put the lives of his children in danger.

Mr. Meeseeks

When Rick gifts his family with a Meeseeks Box, he couldn’t have possibly imagined how much of a problem that would become. All thanks to Jerry.

Jerry uses the many Mr. Meeseeks he summons to try and get two strokes off of his golf game. Selfishly summoning dozens of them and not even taking their input seriously, Jerry ends up creating a serious problem. The many Meeseeks end up holding a whole restaurant hostage because of Jerry’s incompetence.

Going Back On His Word

Jerry is notorious for making promises that he can’t keep. There is no episode that serves as a better example of this than “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.” Although Rick and Morty spent the majority of the episode watching interdimensional cable, Jerry had a very interesting story arc.

In this episode, Jerry promises to donate his penis in order to help save an influential intergalactic civil rights leader. Rick ends up going back on his word, feeling as though keeping his manhood is more important than saving this clearly important alien’s life.


When Jerry learns that Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet, he goes on one of his irresponsible tantrums. Citizens from Pluto hear of this and bring him to their planet in order to share his views, which are very pleasing to the people.

It turns out that the reason Pluto was reclassified was due to is shrinking. The planet will soon die, and the people need to face the truth. By upholding the elitist Plutonians’ point of view, Jerry helps propagate planet-wide oppression.

Tried To Sell Rick Out

When Rick becomes wanted by the Galactic Federation, he and his family are forced to go on the run. Jerry already didn’t like his stepfather, and their new circumstances, caused by Rick’s misadventures, made Jerry sour even more to Beth’s father.

Jerry suggested to the others that they turn Rick in. As was the case in the past, Beth was willing to side with her father over Jerry 100%. Because of that Jerry was forced to swallow his pride and just deal with it.

Holding An Operating Room Hostage

In the episode where Rick goes back on his offer to donate his penis, “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” he manages to one-up this completely selfish act. After realizing how much respect he lost with that move, Jerry decides to change his mind again and in fact donate his penis.

At that point, it appears to be too late. The doctors of the hospital have already developed a new, artificial organ that can replace the civil rights leader’s heart. Instead of happy, Jerry is horrified. Because of this, there is no way for him to regain his honor. Jerry then decides to hold up the operating room with a gun and force them to remove his penis.

Plotting To Kill Rick

“The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” shows Jerry going to an all-new low. When Rick takes his son-in-law to a resort where dying is impossible, it seems as though the two men actually begin to connect for the first time.

Jerry is then convinced by an old enemy of Ricks to help facilitate a conspiracy to kill the titular character. Although Jerry changes his mind at the last second, it is still despicable that he was willing to murder a family member who was actually trying to repair their relationship.

Left An Alien To Die

When the alien Gobo crash-landed on Earth, he needed help from the Smiths in order to get home. Working together, they nearly helped Gobo safely return to his home planet. Everything went according to plan, and everybody did their jobs perfectly, save for Jerry.

The family carefully coordinated a multi-step plan in order to save Gobo. Everyone was given an important task. Knowing that Jerry wasn’t exactly the most reliable member of the family, his only job was to bring Gobo to his ship. Jerry forgot about Gobo and left him in his trunk where the alien died of suffocation.