Rick and Morty’s season 4 episode 3, “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty”, is ostensibly a satire of the heist genre. However, by the end of the episode, the true target of the episode’s mockery is clear: Netflix and its movie strategy.

The latest Rick and Morty episode is a slaphappy romp, following a series of increasingly madcap heist storylines. Although the situation initially appears to be the result of a run-in with heist artist Miles Knightly, the entire situation, it turns out, is all part of Rick’s ultimate heist: stealing Morty’s enthusiasm for his heist screenplay project. Rick fears Netflix will produce the project, which of course would limit the time Morty could spend as the mad scientist’s sidekick. Rick’s belief is not based on the quality of the screenplay, or his faith in his grandson’s abilities, but rather the assumption that Netflix will greenlight anything.

Rick repeatedly reminds Morty – and the audience – that complicated and contrived plots are not intelligent just because they are confusing. It’s a similar message to the season 1’s “Lawnmower Dog”, which took aim at the convoluted plot of Inception. “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” joins the ranks of other great Rick and Morty movie parodies.

Throughout the episode, Morty references a heist screenplay that he’s been working on. Toward the end of the episode is a scene in which Morty meets with Netflix executives to discuss the project. Even as Morty is ramping-down his own enthusiasm for his vaguely-described heist concept, the executives assure him that it’s “a really good pitch”. The joke hinges on the assumption that Netflix has no standards regarding its original programming, referencing the well-known mistakes the streaming service has made. The point is driven home by a visual gag: as Morty is leaving the meeting, he passes by a poster reading “Netflix/ Your Movie Here”.

The ultimate twist in the episode’s overall heist plot line is the reveal that Rick knew Morty would get a meeting, and was working to disillusion Morty about the genre in order to sabotage that meeting. The reveal is a flashback to a conversation between Rick, Summer, and Beth. Summer tells Rick that five of her friends have Netflix deals, and that “it’s a very achievable goal”. When Beth overhears Rick say he won’t allow Netflix to take Morty from him, Beth intervenes, asserting that the only way she would allow for Morty to stop pursuing his goal is if Morty becomes disillusioned on his own.

In a final fourth-wall-breaking nod, one of the studio executives comment, “man, it’s as if someone stole his enthusiasm for his own idea… Without him even knowing about it.” The scene then cuts to a cocky-looking Rick, leaning against his Space Cruiser, a triumphant smirk on his face, in a reference to the sunglasses-wearing cliches populating films like Ocean’s Eleven. It is also a reminder how far Rick will go to maintain the status quo – a theme that is sure to continue throughout season 4.

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