Rick and Morty are joining All Elite Wrestling. As part of AEW’s first ever Halloween special, the upstart promotion is teasing a crossover with the popular Adult Swim animated series. Set to air next Wednesday, just a day before the spookiest night of the year, the crossover is likely to be one of the many surprises planned for viewers.

All Elite Wrestling’s flagship show, Dynamite, has been largely focused on the in-ring aspect of what is sometimes referred to as sports entertainment. Most episodes so far have featured standout matches from some of the best wrestlers working today. In its most recent episode, Dynamite continued its highly-praised tag team tournament. In a memorable main event, two former WWE stars faced off for the first time in years: Jon Moxley took on Pac in a bout that was well-received by fans and critics. But even though AEW is focused on wrestling first and foremost, it has maintained the tradition of crossing over with other forms of pop culture. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have stopped by. It seems they might not be the only famous duo to drop in for a cameo.

The news about Rick and Morty was first teased by the official Twitter account for AEW. Cody Rhodes, who is involved with the promotion both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, later clarified that fans in attendance for next week’s edition of Dynamite would be receiving masks which resemble the characters. The crossover will be part of an overall Halloween special. Details about what that may entail, specifically, remains to be seen. But it is known that WWE Hall of Famers The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will appear present the AEW World Tag Team Titles to the winners of the the tag team tournament. Chris Jericho will be in action, as will Jon Moxley.

Going by past Halloween specials, which other promotions occasionally do as well, it likely means that many of the wrestlers will be in costume. The commentators and the ring announcer might be as well. There may be a match, or a battle royal, with a scary theme. It’s likely, as well, that an abundance of chocolate and candy will be destroyed. Professional wrestling likes to tout the fact that it’s a fandom without any breaks. There are no reruns and no off-seasons. So, a Halloween theme is a way to mix things up.

As will Rick and Morty, if they’re incorporated into the episode for a skit. It wouldn’t even be the weirdest crossover to occur in wrestling. Grumpy Cat and Bob Barker have all shared screen time with wrestlers. It’s even canon that one of the wrestlers, Sheamus, is related to a Muppet. Although wrestling is more sports-based these days, most promotions will still dip into the delightfully absurd every now and then. AEW may do just that next week.

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Source: Cody Rhodes