Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated shows, not just on Adult Swim, but across all networks. The science-fiction adventures of Rick and his grandson have delivered many memorable moments over the years. Some of these moments have been absolutely hilarious while others were a little too heartbreaking. Here are 10 times that the show pulled at the heartstrings of its beloved fans, whether it was because of a tragic death or amazing reunion.

Roy’s Life

During one of their many adventures, Rick takes Morty to a space arcade where there are hundreds of cool games to choose from. One of the arcade experiences Morty decides to go for is Roy. The idea of the game is to be fully immersed in the life of this fictional character.

Unfortunately, Morty got a little bit too into the game. He lived the full life of Roy, and we saw him go through the ups and downs of his career, gain a family, survive cancer, and then ultimately get crushed by carpets in his store. It was a harrowing and emotional moment.

Rick’s Wife

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the life and death of Rick’s wife. It’s a subject that’s rarely talked about, and we’d love to know the truth. The common theory is that she really is dead and hasn’t just walked out of the family’s life.

However, during one flashback scene, we are given the false story of what really happened to Rick’s wife. It’s an emotional tale that Rick tells us is completely fake. However, there’s a lot of details about the story that could be true, perhaps for a different Rick.

Bird Person’s Death

Rick has done some pretty terrible things over the years which has resulted in a life with very few friends. One of the people he could truly say he was close to though was Bird Person. The two had a very long history together, and Rick attended his friend’s wedding.

Unfortunately, the bride to be, Tammy, wasn’t what she appeared to be. It turns out she was actually part of the Federation and killed Bird Person in cold blood. This broke both the hearts of the viewers and Rick, as we had to watch him deal with the death of one of his few friends.

Lonely Rick

Speaking of the few friends that Rick actually has, in the latest season of the show we’re reminded that he really doesn’t have many people to turn to. After revealing that he has a private toilet on which he can do his business, we’re introduced to Tony, who also uses this toilet.

The two start up a weird frenemyship that ultimately leads to Rick trying to humiliate Tony when he uses the toilet. Sadly, Tony actually died, leaving Rick all alone once again to be abused by holograms of himself. It’s a low moment for the character.

Morty’s Parents’ Divorce

The relationship between Jerry and his wife, Beth, has always been flawed. Ever since the pilot episode, it was clear that Rick had damaged their relationship in some way and that Jerry was too moronic and pathetic to ever live up to expectations.

However, any divorce is going to deeply affect the children, who both took the blow in completely different ways. However, each child seemed to reject Jerry at first before making up with him and trying to be part of his life still. These were incredibly heartwarming moments.

Return of Jerry

Despite Jerry’s breakup from Beth, the two were eventually reunited. We aren’t quite sure if Beth went off and a clone took her place, or whether this is truly what she wants, but regardless the two made the decision to reunite once again.

It was a tender moment although one that caused a little controversy in the family. However, the talk between the two, where Jerry relives their first kiss, reminds Beth of the love she has for her husband, and we’ve got to say that it definitely pulled on the heartstrings.

Mr. Poopybutthole

The episode that saw the family have to fight off a series of invading shapeshifters was one of the best of the show so far. The aliens managed to create false memories within the family in order to make them believe that they were the real deal.

After killing nearly all the intruders, Beth shot the final victim, Mr. Poopybutthole. As it turns out, he genuinely was a family friend. What’s worse is that we have since seen the life of Mr. Poopybutthole after his accident with his loving family. Thank goodness he has real happiness now.

New Universe

We’ve been introduced to a lot of new universes and dimensions over the course of both the show and the comics. We never expected that Rick and Morty would have to permanently move to a new one though, as was the case early on into the show.

After Morty had irreversibly damaged the dimension they lived in, Rick found a parallel dimension that was identical apart from the fact they were both dead. They picked up where they left off, but both us and Morty were traumatized by the experience.

Tribute To Noob Noob

Rick and Morty had been growing apart for quite some time and the adventure with the Vindicators only confirmed this. It was clear that Rick had found a new surrogate grandson that he was going to care for and had created a huge display in honor of.

As Morty rode through this display, he thought that Rick was finally appreciating everything he has done. However, despite the emotional impact of the ride, the whole thing was actually dedicated to Noob Noob, which introduced yet another strong emotion to the mix.

Suicidal Rick

Unfortunately, it seems that Rick is dealing with some intense emotional trauma. Over the few seasons that have been released so far, Rick has been portrayed as an alcoholic that is clearly struggling with his feeling of loneliness.

It all became too much for Rick at some point. He set up a machine that he killed an alien with to demonstrate his power. He tries to commit suicide using it in a harrowing moment but is unable to do so, slumping onto his desk.