Rick and Morty has become one of the most popular animated series on TV, due in no small part to its insane storylines and even more insane characters. On its worst day, Rick and Morty is simultaneously brilliant and ridiculous.

Rick and Morty themselves are archetypal characters, kind of like the evil (or at least edgy) clones of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. But while the titular characters have become huge fan favorites, the series is filled with supporting characters who are extremely unlikable, maybe even more so than Rick.

Principal Gene Vagina

The principal of Harry Herpson High School, Gene Vagina is a huge part of the lives of both Morty and Summer. He’s also an incredibly unlikable, wishy washy indecisive loser who’s obsessed with his own name and people’s perceptions of it.

Vagina’s inability to take a strong stance in any situation is infuriating. The only he time he does is when the Cromulons show up, a race of giant headed aliens he grossly misunderstands. He starts trying to sacrifice people to them with balloons. Principal Gene Vagina is everything Rick hates rolled up into one man.

Abradolf Lincler

One of Rick’s many goals is to create a super-leader who is morally neutral, who isn’t tied to one way of thinking. As such, Rick used the DNA of both Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler to create Abradolf Lincler. Instead of becoming the leader Rick was hoping for, Abradolf is constantly torn apart by the conflicting sides of his own personality.

Lincler is an aggressive, failed experiment who desperately wants Rick’s approval while still wanting to destroy him. He’s easy for anyone to hate, though his fate as a sex toy for an orgy of giant testicle monsters is equal parts hilarious and terrifying.


Unity is a world encompassing hive mind that spreads by vomiting green ooze into someone’s mouth. It’s also Rick’s ex. The very concept of Unity presents a conundrum: On one hand, it freed the world it took over from pain and suffering while building a utopian paradise. But to do so, it had to remove all traces of freedom and individuality.

Thing is, Rick doesn’t care about any of that. He’s just there to get his freak on. Unity and Rick bring out the worst in each other, but she’s the one who left him. While that took courage, it still destroyed Rick and drove him to attempt suicide.


There are certain signs that let you know you’re on a purge planet and no one knows those signs better than Rick. After landing on a planet with an Amish style culture populated by anthropomorphic cat people, Rick quickly realizes that the planet remains quaint due to an annual purge.

Unfortunately, they meet Arthricia. She shoots Rick, mugs Morty and steals their ship, leaving them to the whims of the purge. Eventually, Rick teams up with her to take down the planet’s leadership. Morty then asks her out but she rejects him, which is more funny than anything else.

Vance Maximus, Renegade Starsoldier

There’s not two ways about it; Vance Maximus is a jerk, and not in the endearing way Rick can be. As leader of the Vindicators, Vance has achieved a high level of respect and notoriety around the galaxy, something he never lets anyone forget. He comes across as condescending, brash and arrogant.

Vance definitely looks down on both Rick and Morty, but he seems to think the least of Morty. What makes him even worse is how quickly he crumbles in the face of adversity. At the first sign of trouble, he ran and was killed in a trap set by a blackout drunk Rick.

Zeep Xanflorp

If you don’t have a proper power source to run your spaceship, you build one. That’s exactly what Rick did, designing a battery that contains a Microverse. The inhabitants unwittingly create the energy that runs Rick’s ship but also regard him as a god, or at least an altruistic benefactor.

Zeep is a scientist in that Microverse who develops a battery with its own Microverse and works out what Rick’s been doing to his people. What makes Zeep so hateable is that he’s just as obnoxious and arrogant as Rick, but without any of his charms. He’s just unpleasant to be around.

King Flippy Nips

The leader of Pluto, King Flippy Nips is the worst kind of patriarch. Rich Plutonians are mining plutonium from the planet’s core, causing it to shrink. In fact, this is what led to Pluto’s status as a planet being downgraded.

Flippy Nips denies the realities of the problems plaguing his world to maintain his control and the financial stability of his closest supporters. He even throws Scroopy Noopers, Flippy Nips’ son and a leading proponent of the shrinking planet theory, into prison for defying him.

Tammy Gueterman

Betraying friends and family is one of the worst things you can do, especially when doing so in support of an intergalactic totalitarian regime. When fans first meet Tammy, she’s a high school friend of Summer’s who falls for Rick’s friend Birdman at a party. Their relationship grows quickly, with Tammy moving in with Birdman on his planet.

In reality, Tammy is a deep undercover agent of the Galactic Federation working to arrest Rick. She fatally shoots Birdman at their wedding, then transforms him into a cyborg. She’s kind of a jerk.

The President

When Rick and Morty first encounter The President, it looks like they have a friend in power. He supports them in their attempt to defeat the Cromulans, viewing them as heroes. But at the end of season three, things suddenly look a lot different.

Rick has a knock down, dragged out fight over The President not wanting take a selfie with Morty. It shows that the United States government has not only been building Rick-esque tech, but they they’ve been designing that tech to defeat him. The episode ends with a tenuous truce between Rick and The President.

King Jellybean

The late King Jellybean is easily the biggest piece of trash in the entire series of Rick and Morty. On an adventure chosen by Morty, the duo stops in a bar in a giant staircase where Morty encounters King Jellybean in the bathroom. In there, the King attempts to sexually assault him.

When they get back to the ground, Rick and Morty depart but not before Rick kills King Jellybean. After his death, the leaders of his kingdom find evidence that presumably proves King Jellybean was a serial child molester. The only guy worse than him might be the guy who chose to hide this information from the people, so as not to break their morale.