Rick Cressman Eye Injury The data with respect to Rick Cressman’s eye has not been revealed at this point. We are don’t know what befallen his eyes. Perhaps Rick will clarify his eye injury later on. Rick’s more established brother, Tom Cressman, was killed by Jane Andrews, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York’s previous regal dresser.


The host, Phillip Schofield, interrogated Rick concerning Tom telling the police he presently not had any desire to be involved with Jane on the day he was killed. Tom Cressman Brother Wiki Tom Cressman’s brother, Rick, isn’t recorded on the authority page of Wikipedia, yet we can track down data about him on the web.

Tom was a previous stockbroker who was killed under a month prior to turning 40. Cressman was a fruitful auto adornment sales rep who cooperated with the top outside of London society.

Jane moved into Cressman’s level not long after they began dating because of her supposed monetary challenges at that point. Andrews cut and battered Tom, 39, to death with a cricket bat in the wake of declining to wed her in September 2000.

Where Could Jane Andrews Now be? Jane Andrews is currently free and lives in Lincolnshire. In 2019, Jane was let out of jail. She’s been seen shopping nearby and working in a supermarket, stacking racks. Andrews became pregnant at 17 years old and went through a fetus removal, which she later depicted as “damaging.”

In 1998, a shared companion associated her to Tom Cressman, a powerful stockbroker blended in with London’s high class. Andrews was condemned to at least 12 years in jail in May 2001 after a Bailey jury saw as her at real fault for killing her accomplice.