Here’s why Beth’s mom Mrs. Sanchez is never seen on Rick And Morty. Adult Swim has produced plenty of cult hits, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to the beloved Too Many Cooks short, but Rick And Morty has undoubtedly become one of their biggest hits. The show follows the adventures of nihilistic scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty, but parents Jerry and Beth and granddaughter Summer also feature heavily.

Rick And Morty is a blend of comedy, sci-fi, horror and family drama, and became beloved by fans since season 1 debuted in 2013. A typical episode is packed with great gags and quotable dialogue, and the show has spawned countless memes over the years. The Dan Harmon/Justin Roiland created show is also known for taking long breaks between seasons, with only the first half of season 4 - consisting of five episodes - arriving in late 2019. The second half will arrive somewhere in 2020.

The family dynamic is a big part of Rick And Morty, especially the often fraught relationship between Jerry and Beth. They’re both complex characters with their fair share of emotional hangups and issues, and they even separated for the majority of season 3 before coming back together. While Rick And Morty has focused on the complex relationship between Beth and her father, who disappeared from her life for 20 years and who she is desperate to keep around, very little is known about her mother Mrs. Sanchez.

It’s known that Rick left Mrs. Sanchez when Beth was young, which is something Beth still blames herself over. It’s even unknown if Mrs. Sanchez is alive or dead, though her total absence suggests the latter. Rick’s bleak views on love suggest the marriage probably wasn’t a happy one, and Rick And Morty’s creators have suggested she was just a normal woman; they also compared the marriage to the one between Beth and Jerry.

Rick And Morty’s season 3 opening episode featured a supposed origin story for Rick, where he was married to “Diane Sanchez.” This flashback sees Rick and Diane in a healthy, loving relationship, but she’s later killed in a blast by a future version of Rick. This scene is soon revealed to be a fake designed to trick Galatic Federation agent Cornvelious Daniel, and the real Mrs. Sanchez was nothing like Diane. It’s possible Rick could have based Diane’s appearance on wife, but even this is questionable.

Rick And Morty might dive into this unexplored section of the Sanchez family history in the future, but given the seeming lack of interest in the character from the show’s own creators, Mrs. Sanchez will likely remain an enigma.

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