To make a show as successful as Rick and Morty, the creators could not just depend on their main cast of characters. While the show is literally named after the two main characters, sometimes it’s the side characters that steal the show. Some have only appeared in a single episode and yet have made a lasting impression fans of the show.

One of the best parts of Rick and Morty is its lack of world limits. In this show, anything is possible and when anything is possible, you can introduce some really strange and interesting characters. This is a list of side characters fans definitely would not mind seeing again in the future.

Abradolf Lincler

Abradolf Lincler is the result of Rick experimenting on how to create a morally neutral leader. So, of course, he decided to combine leaders who are considered as opposites, Abraham Lincoln versus Adolf Hitler. However, instead of becoming a neutral being, Abradolf is an absolute emotional and confused trainwreck.

A ton of creativity went into the idea for this character, and the concept results in some of the character’s craziest lines and behavior. His most memorable line being, “Prepare to be emancipated from your own inferior genes!”

Krombopulos Michael

This Gromflomite assassin (played with chipper enthusiasm by comedian Andy Daly) was Rick’s number one weapons customer. He is most loved for his business philosophy, “I have no code of ethics. I will kill anyone, anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn’t matter. I just love killing.”

What makes this character even sillier is his business card, which has his location, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and includes the hashtag #KMichaelKills. Poor Krombopulos Michael is killed, but he’s probably alive in other universes, so there is always a chance of making this character appear again.


A lifelong friend of Rick, Birdperson (played with the perfect amount of deadpan gravitas by series co-creator Dan Harmon) quickly got a lot of love from the fan community for his blunt disposition, wisdom, and monotone voice. Even his name, which is hilariously progressive in that it does not identify a specific gender, is reason alone to love his character.

There is no fancy alien name like a Gramflamite. Is Birdperson, which is his name, also his race? Who knows! He even comes from a place called Bird World. Despite his immense wisdom, he is sort of a boring person (or, Birdperson). Unfortunately, he was killed at his own wedding, but then he became a cyborg called Pheonixperson.

Mr. Meeseeks

Out of this list, Mr. Meeseeks might be the most popular when it comes to merchandise. Mr. Meeseeks (“look at me!”) is not just a character, but an entire race. However, they feel like a single character because they all get created to serve a single purpose and have the same happy-go-lucky personality (at least at first). They go through any length to fulfill that purpose, and once it is complete, they disappear forever.

So of course, When Jerry calls on a Mr. Meeseeks to help him take two strokes off of his golf game, the task proves to be too much, and the Meeseeks begin summoning other Meeseeks to help them in their tasks (as the Meeseeks say in one hilariously repetitive scene, they all got “roped into this”), resulting in an all-out frenzy inside a restaurant.

Evil Morty

Even in a comedy, not all good characters exist to make us laugh. Evil Morty is an example of one of those characters. He’s not funny, he’s just smart, sinister, and up to something. He’s a serious character and fans are utterly fascinated by him. There is still so much left unknown about him.

What is Evil Mort’s Plan? Wha could he be planning on doing in the future? Will he really eliminate all of the Ricks in every universe? Despite being called “Evil” he may be more of an anti-hero since Rick is also not exactly a hero himself. There are many theories rolling around the internet for this character, so he definitely makes this list.

Butter Robot

The Butter Robot is the most minor of minor characters on this list. It is not part of any plot and there is very little we know about it. The little robot just got so many laughs for its scene with Rick. It is mostly used to demonstrate the fact that Rick can give something sentience for no real reason.

It is obviously very intelligent, as it asks Rick, “What is my purpose?” and Rick tells it, “You pass butter.” The robot looks at its own hands, obviously having an existential crisis and says, “Oh my god.” It just really hits the nihilistic and cynical humor of the show.

Tiny Rick

There are thousands of Ricks in the show since there are thousands of universes. As we have learned, every Rick is definitely not the same. Tiny Rick was a trip. Unlike the older-Rick, he was more down-to-earth, positive, and would go out of his way to impress other kids.

Of course, this was not a Rick from another universe, but rather a clone that Rick had made of himself and implanted his consciousness into. Tiny Rick was only going to be used to help summer and Morty catch a vampire, but Rick’s mind ended up getting caught inside the younger version and even begged to get out through a song.

Scary Terry

Scary Terry is obviously based off of the famous horror character, Freddy Krueger. He and Freddy even have the same powers in terms of terrorizing people in dreams. Instead of knives for fingers though, he has swords. Terry did his best to try and utter frightening catchphrases but always seemed to fall short.

In a hilarious turn, Terry is actually a family man who is just having a tough time at work. Rick and Morty enter into his dreams when he goes to sleep in order to help him with some of his insecurities. Terry, in turn, helps them escape from the various levels of dreams they’ve wound up inside.


Snuffles used to be the Smith family dog. However, his penchant for relieving himself in the house inspired Rick to build an apparatus to increase his intelligence.  When Snuffles takes note of the ethical issues of dog-breeding and ownership, he augments his helmet to allow him to become even smarter.

Snuffles shares his intelligence with all of the other dogs on Earth, and the canines soon take over, enslaving humanity. It is Snuffles (who changes his name to Snowball) and his connection to Morty that inspires the species to leave Earth and begin a new life on another planet (fun fact, this was actually based on another less successful cartoon pitch from Justin Roiland).

Doofus Rick

Just like Evil Morty, Doofus Rick shows a different side to the many universes of Ricks. Ricks are known for their intelligence and cynicism. However, Doofus Rick is not either of those things. He is an outcast among other versions of himself. He actually befriends Jerry, which is major since all Ricks seem to look down on Jerry.

Doofus Rick never married or had children so his Morty was assigned to him from another dimension. He is also kind. When Jerry shows Doofus Rick his R2D2 coin collection, Rick says their value matters because they matter to him. That’s logic straight out of The Little Prince!