Rick And Morty season 2 episode 1 proved that despite what he might claim, Rick Sanchez does have a heart. Rick And Morty is an Adult Swin comedy series that follows the title characters. Rick is a drunken, nihilistic scientist who drags his poor grandson Morty along on his often violent and dark misadventures around the universe. The show has been acclaimed for its impeccable voice acting and hilarious writing.

Rick And Morty quickly evolved from a cult series to a beloved comedy institution. The show is packed to the brim with great characters, quotable dialogue, and unique sci-fi concepts. The show has a devoted following, but the quality of the writing often means Rick And Morty takes long gaps between seasons. Little is known about the upcoming season 4 either, though fans believe the show will finally shed some light on the mysterious evil Morty.

The show was a full-blown cult success by the time Rick And Morty season 2 episode 1 “A Rickle In Time” aired. The episode picks up with the title duo and Summer still cleaning up the mess they made in the season 1 finale. They froze time to fix the problem, but this ends up causing time to split in unpredictable ways. This is represented visually by multiple versions of time appearing onscreen. A Fourth-Dimensional creature - voiced by Keegan-Michael Key (The Predator) - appears to unite all the fractured timelines with special collars, but events spiral out of control from there.

Rick And Morty season 2 episode 1 is loaded with smart gags and trippy visuals. It also proves surprisingly emotional, with the ending finding Rick diving into a timeless void to rescue Morty. When he realizes Morty has lost his time collar in the void, Rick places his own collar on his grandson’s neck to save his life. The scientist briefly faces his mortality as he declares ‘I’m okay with this’ and hopes Morty will turn out better than him. That’s until he spots the other collar and frantically jumps after it, saving his own life in the process.

For a character who constantly reaffirms how pointless emotions like love are, Rick And Morty season 2 episode 1 proved Rick still has something of a soul. He could have easily left Morty to his fate and found a replacement in another dimension, but he chose to sacrifice himself to save his grandson instead. Considering Rick abandoned one version of his family in an alternate dimension when it became overrun with monsters in season 1, he still has a lot of issues to work through. That said, Rick And Morty season 2 episode 1 “A Rickle In Time” was a nice reminder that underneath all his cynicism, there’s still a heart in there somewhere.

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