Here’s the Rick And Morty “To Be Fair You Have To Have A Very Hight IQ” meme explained. While Adult Swim has spawned a lot of cult shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Eric Andre Show, Rick And Morty is easily their biggest success. The show debuted in 2013, and on the surface appeared to be a Back To The Future inspired adventure about a genius scientist taking his grandson on universe hopping adventures. The series would soon set itself apart, thanks to its insanely quotable dialogue, rich characters, and quick pacing.

Rick And Morty also digs into the psychology of its characters, with Morty, in particular, being affected by the various traumatic adventures Rick takes him on. The show is known for taking long gaps between seasons, with Rick And Morty only airing half of its fourth season in 2019, with the second half set to arrive sometime in 2020. The show has also attracted a loyal legion of fans, though some can take their fandom too far, as seen with the now-infamous McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan sauce incident.

Rick And Morty has been praised for its writing, which can balance existential examinations on the human condition with the simple pleasures of a fart gag or gross body horror. While it’s undeniably a smart show, some devotees can push their admiration of its smartness a little far, as seen by the “To Be Fair You Have To Have A Very High IQ” meme. This meme came to prominence in 2017, where a Redditor submitted text allegedly from a fan with a very high opinion of both himself and Rick And Morty.

The text stated “To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty,” since most of the humor is “very subtle.” He cited Narodnaya Volya literature and theoretical physics and claimed those who hate the show are idiots because they literally don’t understand it. Needless to say, this text spread far and wide, inspiring various Twitter and Instagram posts tearing down the oddly elitist tone of the original post, which was apparently written as a joke to start with.

The meme is typically used to tear down those who feel watching Rick And Morty somehow makes them super smart, and also by those who genuinely don’t like the show and find certain elements of its fanbase annoying. It’s doubtful Rick himself would think very highly of somebody claiming to be superior just because they watch his show either.

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