Rick And Morty’s parody of Alien: Covenant finds the duo aboard an Engineer ship and accidentally exposing a Facehugger’s weakness. Despite Alien becoming an instant classic following its 1979 release, Ridley Scott wasn’t invited back to helm sequel Aliens. In the years that followed, that was brief talk of him helming Alien 3 from a script by author William Gibson or collaborating with James Cameron on Alien 5, but nothing ever came of those discussions. He eventually came back for prequel Prometheus in 2012, which explored the origin of the Engineers.

Despite the immense hype surrounding the project, Prometheus was considered a disappointment due to unlikeable characters and numerous story faults. Opinion on the movie is still divided, with some finding it an ambitious but flawed sci-fi epic while others consider it a total mess. The prequel story was laid out as a trilogy, but while Ridley Scott planned on leaving the actual Xenomorph out of the story due to feeling it had been overexposed, fan and studio pressure saw it included in 2017’s Alien: Covenant. Again, the movie was met with mixed reviews, with script issues and dumb character choices cited as the key problems. The appearance of the Xenomorph in the third act was also considered a letdown, as the prequel’s shrieking CGI beastie lacked the menace of the 1979 original.

The future of the series is somewhat in question currently, though Alien: Covenant itself still has fans, with Michael Fassbender’s double performance as androids David and Walter being praised. One of the smartest marketing choices the studio made was a crossover between Covenant and Rick And Morty, with an ad finding the latter duo coming across a distress beacon from an Engineer craft.

Needless to say, the ship has been overrun with Xenomorph eggs, and as Rick and Morty explore it, a Facehugger jumps on Rick. While that typically spells doom, the creature quickly withers and dies, with Rick revealing - almost with pride - the sheer toxicity caused by the mix of alcohol and drugs in his system killed it. Morty then hopes the characters in the Alien franchise learn about this, making the crossover complete.

Sadly, the characters in Alien: Covenant lacked the savvy of Rick, with Billy Crudup’s Captain all but ringing a dinner bell when he practically sticks his face into an open egg. Rick And Morty’s solution to the Facehugger issue isn’t canon obviously, and Rick’s diet of drugs and drink can’t be recommended, but it proves yet again he’s kind of unkillable.

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