Season 6 of Rick And Morty recently aired, bringing back the much loved characters and all of their eccentric ways, which Rick is no exception to. The titular character is definitely not in the body he started out in on the very first episode of the show. He’s been transferred to Federation employees, Ricks from the Citadel, and multiverse Ricks from Operation Phoenix. Over the course of the series, he’s made a few jokes alluding to his many body modifications that make him “Basically Inspector Gadget.”

  • With a new season of Rick And Morty, viewers are sure to be presented with a whole host of interesting and somewhat bizarre scientific projects, led by Rick. The sixth installment of the show follows on from five seasons of a comedic triumph, unique in its narrative. Whilst audiences absorb the new episodes, there’s still plenty to look back on, including the weirdest body modifications thus far.

In his various bodily forms, he’s shown off quite a few techie modifications that he’s made to his baseline human body. Fans might even wonder just how much of him is still human after so many sci-fi adjustments.


The only answer Rick gives to this particular bodily defense is that it’s a “deterrent.” It’s featured in the season 3 finale, “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” during his showdown with one of the show’s more threatening villains, the President. When asked what kind of death it caused, he casually answers, “Instant.”

It seems as though there’s some kind of technology in Rick’s body that instantly kills on physical contact. One can only assume, however, that it’s something that needs to be activated so that he doesn’t kill everyone he touches.


As seen in the season 3 finale (and also in other episodes), Rick seems to have a force field that protects him from bullets and other missile weapons.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell whether or not this is a body modification, but because all the other gadgets seem to be controlled by Rick clicking his wristband and the shield isn’t, it would appear that the force field is permanent protection built into Rick’s person.

Nano-Fiber Defense Mesh

He may not be one of the most likable main characters in Rick And Morty, but his intelligence makes up for it. In “Vindicators 3,” Alan Rails, one of the most powerful of the Vindicators, has Rick by the neck, and Rick warns him that his “epidermis is laced with a nano-fiber defense mesh,” right before a blue grid appears all over Rick’s body and a blast sends Alan to the ground.

This is a similar modification to his more simple shield, with the added benefit of doing counter damage to the assailant. The caveat is that, like his attack deterrent, someone has to be physically touching Rick for this particular mod to be effective.

Heart Shield

When Rick has a big showdown with Phoenixperson (one of Rick’s closest friends, Birdperson, who was weaponized by the Federation) PP uses a drill to stab repeatedly at Rick’s heart.

After getting in a hit or two, a protective metal shield forms around Rick’s heart, protecting it from further damage. This is a more physical modification, as opposed to his other nano and virtual-type shields, but it’s definitely just as effective. It’s no wonder he’s recognized as one of the most competent characters in Rick And Morty.

Simple Forearm Guns

More recently, in season 5, Rick revealed that he added some built-in weaponry to his list of body modifications. When he goes to rescue Morty and Jessica in “Mort Dinner Rick Andre,” he rolls up his sleeve and a gun opens up from his arm and shoots a beam of energy at the cyberpunk bird army in the wine portal.

When the beam gets fired back at him, it removes some other body modifications from his shoulder, thigh, and stomach, but viewers don’t get to see what those did.

A Giant Hole

In “Amortycan Grickfitti,” Rick and Beth disguise themselves to go down into Hell and rescue Jerry in a Hellraiser-themed episode.

As a disguise, Rick creates a giant hole in the middle of his torso, through which he puts a swordfish. At first, it seems like it’s possibly just supposed to look like a hole with half a swordfish on either side, but later, Rick removes the swordfish and reveals the empty cavity.

Entire Arm Guns/Back Blasters

In an episode from one of the best multiverse TV shows, “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” addressed the duo’s toxic relationship when Rick tries to replace Morty with two crows. When the crows try to teach him empathy on their first mission together, Rick unceremoniously uses drive-through bank teller tubes to shoot them onto a planet full of sentient technologically advanced birds.

When the planet tractor beams him down, he hops out to defend himself, and his entire lower left arm turns into a double blaster. Later in the episode on the bird ship, both arms turn into triple-tiered blasters with sights, and another three-part blaster comes out of his back to shoot over his head.

Screwdriver Finger

As one of the best animated TV shows ever, Rick And Morty gets really creative in every episode. In Rick’s own words in one of the best quotes from the season 5 finale, “I mean, duh doy. I’m basically Inspector Gadget.” This is more than true, especially since he can literally turn his finger into a screwdriver in order to escape Evil Morty’s restraints.

That joke is also a call back to another Gadget reference, Rick shouting “Go, go Sanchez skis!” right before he made his shoes turn into snow skis for a faster getaway.

Extending Arm

Furthering the Inspector Gadget gag, after fighting off the Citadel Rick security detail, Rick goes to take his mind scan back from Evil Morty. Instead of going around the table, his arm robotically extends and he grabs the scanner off of the table before retracting it again.

At this point, it would be safe to say that even though Rick has bled from wounds on his arms from his and Morty’s many close calls, his arms are, in fact, mostly machine.