When season three of Rick and Morty hit the airwaves, it was a foregone conclusion that the show would air a new Interdimensional Cable episode. That belief was blown apart when episode eight hit the scene and introduced Morty’s Mind-Blowers.

The concept was simple enough; air clips the viewers had never seen before in a clip-show format. Each segment depicted a memory Morty had removed from one of his many misadventures with his grandpa, Rick, and these ten are the best from the episode. We’ve ranked them from worst to best, naturally.

Grab A Shovel

Morty’s nothing if he’s not consistent, and that consistency often revolves around him messing up. When Rick asks him to flip a specific switch, but he accidentally switched the wrong one by mistake, Rick immediately gets upset and takes Morty to a distant planet.

When they get there, they arrive in a room full of people in beds who are apparently dead. For whatever reason, Morty’s incorrect switch adjustment killed the power in that room, causing everyone to die. Rick doesn’t explain what’s going on, but he gets ready to bury the bodies when Morty does the same exact thing with the switches in that room.

Anything Magnet

When Rick is having trouble finding a zip tie in his garage, he grabs a device and types in “zip tie,” which results in a bunch of the items shooting through the air to what can only be described as an “anything magnet.” Satisfied, he puts it down, but that leaves it in Morty’s hands.

It isn’t clear what Morty typed, but it had to either be “Jessica” or “Redhead” because as soon as he finishes inputting something into the anything magnet, a ton of young women shoot into the garage, smashing into the walls and basketball hoop from all over the neighborhood

Experiencing True Level

Everybody knows how satisfying it is to flatten something so it’s perfectly level. You align that little bubble to the center of its home and BAM! It’s level… but is it true level? When Morty tries to use a level, Rick scoffs at his grandson and offers him “true level.”

It takes him some time, but after a little while, Rick manages to clear off an area about a meter square in his garage. When Morty steps on it, he experiences true level in what can only be described as total euphoria, and he refuses to leave and attempts to remain within as the clip ends.

Morty’s Menagerie

When Rick and Morty find themselves captive within an alien menagerie, Morty rightfully freaks out. When Rick lets him know he could get them out of there, he explains that he will have to do some sketchy stuff to make it happen, which Morty agrees to. Rick gets to work on a plan that will ultimately see him and his grandson released from captivity.

Through some clever misinformation, Rick communicates with some scientists on Earth who think they are speaking to aliens. When his plan comes to fruition, Rick and Morty replace themselves within the menagerie with two unwilling scientists Rick successfully duped into coming there.

The Whole Enchilada

After Rick is surprised by an alien in the street, it turns out the guy wants nothing more than to be assassinated by a worthy foe. His religion dictated that he could only make it into the peaceful afterlife upon such a death, but after he talks to Morty, things change.

Morty suggests that his religion is based on faith and that he wouldn’t be willing to make a sacrifice like that, which causes the alien to run in terror from Rick. He ultimately gets killed in the street, which causes demonic beings to surface and drag his soul to an alien hell, leaving Morty exasperated and upset.

Bebo’s Sacrifice

Rick and Morty find themselves in dangerous situations all the time, but Rick usually finds a way to get them out. When they are trapped on a planet with a dangerous temperature drop on the horizon, Rick realized the only way to survive is to slice open Bebo and hide inside, Ton Ton-style.

Morty objected since Bebo led them to safety earlier, but ultimately Rick slices the friendly beast open and the pair crawl inside. As it happens, Rick got the planets wrong, and the deadly cold never came. Bebo’s “sacrifice” was in vain and completely unnecessary, which was something Morty would have preferred to forget.

Morty’s Interrogation

When Rick and Morty find themselves dealing with aliens, Morty is often chosen as the one who has to do the dirty work. That was certainly the case when it came time to interrogate the disgusting beast who was holding back on some information.

Morty was initially reluctant, but he ultimately acquiesces and takes hold of the alien’s small appendages on his cheat and squeezes the life out of them. While he initially thinks he is causing pain to the creature, it turns out he was… let’s say, pleasuring him in a way that wasn’t entirely appropriate. Rick knew all along what he was doing, which made this one memory Morty had to forget.

Volta-Ma-Tron, Destroyer of Worlds

Speaking of aliens, there was a time when Morty was possessed by a dangerous being known as Volta-Ma-Tron, Destroyer of Worlds. When that happened, he gained what could only be described as demonic superpowers, but the love of his family helped to expel the creature.

The became problematic seeing as the gigantic space worm began to vomit out of his mouth in a disgusting and extended manner. The family began to joke about the length of the worm, which caused it to slide back in and out repeatedly as they switched from mocking him to loving him before finally helping to rid Morty of Volta-Ma-Tron, Destroyer of Worlds forever.


We all make mistakes, but rarely do they result in someone’s untimely death. When Morty becomes convinced that his new guidance counselor lived on the Moon, he tells his principal who promptly fires him. He believed “lives on the Moon” was code for pedophilia, and the teacher leaves the school disgraced.

A short time later, he takes his own life, and Morty learns that what he thought was the man on the Moon was little more than a smudge on the lens as his sister first believed. This was one memory full of regret, which made it a clear choice for becoming a Morty’s Mind-Blower.

CIA Squirrels

Ever since we read or watched Dr. Doolittle as children, pretty much everyone wanted to be able to talk to animals. Morty gets the chance thanks to one of Rick’s inventions, and it is fun… at first. When the squirrels notice that a young boy can understand him, things go wrong fast.

It turns out that squirrels are pretty much responsible for running the world, which leads to thousands of them amassing at the garage intent on dealing with Morty. Rick freaked out and decided the only way out of the situation was to move to a completely new reality, which he previously said they could only do a few times.