Rick and Morty has returned for a 6th season much to the delight of the show’s loyal fans. The animated series has some of the best dialogue in the adult animated series world. Over the course of five seasons, the writers have done an amazing job of creating hilarious and memorable lines. From Rick’s endless drunken ranting to Morty’s stutters and screams, there are some iconic quotes from many of the characters in the series.

  • With a new season of Rick And Morty, audiences can once again tune into the eccentric but genius show, delivering the well-established characters once more. Whilst writers were able to create scientific and engaging storylines, they also made sure to keep the characters well-defined. Because of this, each main character can easily be represented by one quote, which is sure to continue in season 6.

While some fan-favorite Rick and Morty lines are mainly just great jokes in their own right, sometimes there’s a piece of dialogue that perfectly captures either a character’s personality or the way that they think. When the characters say them, they’re like puzzle pieces clicking into place.

“Was I Just An Object In Another Story?…Could I Be More?”

Jessica (S05E01)

Season 5 had no lack of meta-commentary during its 10-episode run in the summer of 2021. One of the points that it made in the episode “Mort Dinner Rick Andre” had to do with Jessica’s role on the show.

For the most part, Jessica is one of the best characters on Rick And Morty and is the stereotypical high-school crush of the teenage protagonist, Morty. She never really has any character development besides being Morty’s potential love interest. When she’s taken captive by the Wine Portal People and stuck in time for a millennium, she’s finally made aware of that fact and takes her destiny into her own hands.

“The Relationship We Have Is Not Worth My Integrity.

If You Need Me, Use The Beacon.”

Birdperson (S05E08)

Birdperson may be one of the most likable characters on Rick And Morty, but he is known for some very blunt and literal quotes. After all, he’s a bird person and his name is Birdperson. He feeds Morty carpet lint because he doesn’t understand human customs or food. Rick is so desperate for friendship and connection that he latches onto Birdperson no matter what sort of energy he receives in return.

In “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort,” fans find out that Rick asked Birdperson to adventure with him, and he refused. Birdperson always offers himself as help when Rick needs it, but he maintains a deliberate emotional distance from Rick, and his words articulate that mindset.

“We Just Dig Ourselves Deeper Into Our Lies Every Day…

Ultimately Hurting The Only People Brave Enough To Love Us. Wish I Didn’t Do That. Wish I Was Brave Enough To Love Them Back.”

Mr. Poopybutthole (S05E10)

The beauty of Mr. Poopybutthole as a character is that, while his name is pretty whimsical and elicits junior-high-school snickers, he’s actually a pretty somber piece of the show. After Mr. Poopybutthole’s introduction in “Total Rickall,” he’s shot by Beth, who thinks he’s an alien parasite, then goes through a tumultuous recovery that results in him becoming addicted to pain pills.

When he’s finally back on his feet, he gets a job teaching at a university. But loses the job when he beats up his students in “One Crew Over The Crewcoo’s Morty.” During his most recent post-season check-in, he reveals his marriage suffered because of all this, and he’s struggled with depression and self-worth, continuing the theme of his sad side story.

“That’s What Makes Me ‘Evil’: Being Sick Of Him.”

Evil Morty (S05E10)

The season 5 finale saw a lot of development in the Evil Morty plotline. In previous episodes that Evil Morty has been featured, it was obvious that he had a deep hatred of Ricks. (Later, fans find out that this extends to “sellout Mortys” that stay loyal to them.)

But the reason behind Evil Morty’s motivation was a mystery until recently. Evil Morty revealed that Ricks separated the existence of every Morty from every possible other reality or universe where Rick wasn’t the smartest person. Evil Morty isn’t so much “evil” (besides all the murder). He just wants to escape the curve where Rick controls everything and have true freedom.

“Whoa, Dad.

You Can’t Just Endow A Creature With Sentience And Then Take It Away. … It’s, Like, Indian Giving.”

Summer (S01E02)

Summer is the “woke” teen sister who fights for social justice without always recognizing her own privilege and ignorance, and this quote from “Lawnmower Dog” perfectly sums up those two parts of her characterization. On one hand, she’s progressively defending Snuffles’s right to intelligent thought, while using an offensive and antiquated term as to her reasoning.

This sort of dialogue is a purposeful meta-commentary on the hypocrisy social justice warriors sometimes show. Summer can also sometimes get behind an idea without fully recognizing the consequences, as evidenced when she replaces Morty as Rick’s sidekick in “Gotron Rick Jerrysis Rickvangelion” as well as this episode.

“Look At Me, Easy To Make Happy,

Which Is Why No One Gives A S— If I Am.”

Jerry (S05E07)

One of the ways Jerry has changed from season 1 to season 5 is that he is more self-aware. Jerry has come to terms with and accepted himself for the way he is and is more aware of the nature of his relationships with others.

The quote does a great job of describing Jerry’s character: He’s made happy by the most mundane things and smallest efforts by other people, so the people in his life don’t work hard to please him. Jerry also realizes that’s why he’s a foil to Rick, who’s incredibly hard to make happy, which is why people feel so much accomplishment when they make him happy.

“You Said That?

Are They Lying? It Doesn’t Matter. Have Fun Sucking.”

Beth (S05E05)

“Rick says you’re very cool.”

(to Rick) “You said that? Are they lying? It doesn’t matter.”

As one of the most intelligent characters in Rick And Morty, Beth’s biggest arc over the course of the show has been her relationship and opinion of Rick. She goes back and forth between craving his attention and praise to defying him outright.

At the beginning of the series, a quote like “Don’t insult my father, he’s the reason our kids are only half stupid” (a toxic insult aimed at Jerry) would have been better, but Beth’s grown a lot since then. She’s also gruff and confident, like Rick, and it’s fitting that she chugs a drink immediately after saying this particular line.

“Nobody Exists On Purpose.

Nobody Belongs Anywhere. We’re All Going To Die.”

Morty (S01E08)

Although a sci-fi TV character with an absurd weakness, this quote symbolizes Morty’s wisdom he’s gained from experience with Rick combined with the semblance of teenage innocence he still maintains. He’s a regular teenage boy in a lot of ways, but he’s seen a lot of life in his short years.

He’s been all over the galaxy and in multiple realities on near-death adventures, he’s abandoned his family in a Cronenberg apocalypse, he’s been to a citadel made entirely other versions of himself and Rick, and most recently he realized that his entire existence has been orchestrated around being a sidekick to his grandpa. But he’s also still a teen. He wants to date girls and play video games and watch interdimensional cable with his family.

“That’s Just It. I’m Not A Man.

I’m God, And You’re Just Made In My Image.”

Rick (S05E02)

To Rick and in Rick’s infinite realities, he is God. He has manipulated every timeline in the Central Finite Curve to always come out on top and created an endless loop of things falling into place exactly how he wanted them to. His ego is so inflated that he struggles to see the effect his actions have on those around him, and why should he?

He’s used the versions of the people in his life as pawns everywhere he goes. He built his own reality. Every so often, viewers see this facade falter and reveal a Rick who recognizes his own toxicity and regrets choices that he’s made, but that’s the price God pays for the power of creation.