Rick and Morty is soon to release a 6th season, bringing back the eccentric storylines fans know and love. The show presents several interesting characters. The series follows Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith along amazing adventures which discuss alternate universes in mind-bending plotlines. As such, it is no secret that many of the characters in the series who discuss these topics are intelligent.

Some of Rick and Morty’s best characters are blessed with intellect, while others aren’t the brightest. The personalities of the show present their smarts with their actions. Their critical thinking is often put on display thanks to Rick’s wacky escapades. Some are quick on their feet with problem-solving like Beth Smith, while others like Jerry Smith are defined by their foolish behavior.

Jerry Smith

It is easy for fans to place Jerry in the role as the least intelligent member of the Smith family. An innate part of Jerry’s personality is his incompetence, and he seems hopeless. Jerry can’t seem to solve any problem he faces on his own, and Rick and the rest of the Smiths save him several times when he gets into trouble. When Jerry fails to string up lights properly and falls off his roof, Rick helps by making Jerry’s body lighter than air and his shoes heavier.

This allows him to jump to high heights, making for easy light stringing. However, it doesn’t take long for Jerry to foolishly lose his shoe, leading him to float dangerously toward the Earth’s atmosphere. Jerry lacks critical thinking and gets himself into avoidable situations like this several times throughout Rick And Morty. Fans expect Jerry to get into conflict as a result of his dimwits, and he has seldom a moment in which he uses his smarts.

Summer Smith

Summer is Morty’s sister and Rick’s granddaughter. She is far more competent than her father Jerry, but not as sharp-witted as some of the other members of the Smith family. Summer is often preoccupied with the concerns of a teenager, lazily playing on her phone, or busy with concern about the opinions of her fellow classmates. This behavior often clouds Summer’s judgment.

Summer’s foolish behavior is presented in her actions. When she disobeys Rick’s instructions and plays with his growing device, she ends up transforming herself into a monstrous giant. Summer is funny and shows she has sharp wits in all of her hilarious quotes in Rick and Morty (one of the best animated sitcoms of all time.) However, her half-witted actions prove she’s not as smart as some of her other family members.

Morty Smith

Morty is Rick’s grandson and adventure partner. Morty isn’t the smartest main character in the series and shows his foolishness in his actions. He answers a question in math class saying 9 times 5 is “at least forty.” His foresight is blocked by his boyish instincts, like when he causes the death of dozens of versions of himself after making Rick build a place-saving device. However, he is more sharp-witted than some of the other Smiths.

Morty’s intelligence is shown most often in his adventures with Rick. His wits are put on display in nearly all of the best episodes of Rick and Morty. He’s forced to problem-solve and think critically on his feet, often in life or death scenarios. Rick is described as having God-like intelligence, and Morty is the person who he chooses to have tag along on his escapades. Sometimes, Morty even gets Rick out of jams thanks to his smart wits.

Beth Smith

Beth is Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mother. While Morty (one of the most likeable characters on Rick And Morty) and Summer join her father Rick on his adventures more than Beth, she regularly is affected by their endeavors. She shows her intelligence in her ability to deal with the consequences of Rick’s actions, and quickly understands the convoluted explanations which come along with them. Beth also presents her intelligence in her life away from Rick’s incidents.

She has a strong educational background, leading her to the profession of horse surgeon. Her wits come in handy with Rick’s actions, however. She uses her background to perform science experiments with Rick, like when they work together to clone King Tommy. However, Beth’s love for her father bars her from reasoning. She doesn’t consider the danger Rick puts Morty and the rest of her family in with his actions.

Rick Sanchez

Rick is one of the funniest characters currently on TV and the patriarch of the Smith family. He is brilliant and sometimes described as a mad scientist. Fans of Rick and Morty know there is no main character smarter than Rick. By the later seasons of the show, his intelligence is described as God-like. Rick says there is nothing he can’t do, and he proves it in the inventions he makes which defy the laws of time and space. Rick’s smarts give him the ability to traverse universes with his portal gun.

He creates a potion that makes anyone it touches fall in love with Morty. He creates a flying car powered by a tiny universe. Rick’s brainpower goes beyond his inventions and appears in conflicts he faces. He outsmarts Satan after he discovers his shop selling haunted items, pushing him out of business with a better store. He comes up with plans to get out of any pickle he finds himself in, including when he is accidentally pickled himself, in one of Rick and Morty’s highest-rated episodes. Rick’s superior intellect is hard to deny.