Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon says the former will always be his crowning achievement. While the popular live-action show about an eclectic group of adults attending community college ended in 2015, Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated fourth season premiered the day after the Community cast reunion.

Although the two popular shows are about as different as peanut butter and ketchup plot and character-wise, their stories are intertwined. Harmon began working on the idea for Rick and Morty with co-creator Justin Roiland when the writer was fired as showrunner for Community’s fourth season. Harmon began the creative process for the animated series featuring intricately plotted chaotic threads that genius jerk Rick Sanchez often crafted while often dragging his grandson Morty into the frenetic tangled web of his zany intelligent wormhole of a brain. Although Harmon was eventually hired back for the fifth season of Community before Rick and Morty’s first season premiered, the animated show would go on to gain cult status worldwide.

On Twitter, Eric Goldman of Fandom shared Harmon’s comments made during the Community reunion at Vulture Festival. Take a look at the post in the space below:

Harmon and the cast were also asked if they would be interested in the long awaited but yet to be written or formally announced Community movie. Actor Joel McHale (who played lawyer Jeff Winger) on the show joked that they would have to pay Donald Glover (Troy Barnes on Community, also known as rapper Childish Gambino) $8 million for the movie to happen. Alison Brie (Annie Edison on Community) hinted to Harmon at the panel that it “sounded like someone needed to write it!”

While the future of Community still remains up in the air, Rick and Morty has at least seventy more episodes to go if not more thanks to negotiations with Cartoon Network. The show’s fourth season will be only a short ten episodes, which will more than likely leave fans clamoring for more after having to wait two years since the third season ended in 2017.

Although Rick and Morty is still airing new episodes (the likes of which fans will be able to stream on Hulu and HBO Max when it opens for subscribers in May 2020) the show is likely to garner more critical acclaims along with the same level of adoration if not more that Community fans have long felt long after Community’s final episode aired. Harmon has a gift for crafting shows with ensembles of memorable characters that are unapologetically themselves, which results in great feats of comedy and downright unforgettable episodes.

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Source: Eric Goldman