What happened to Annie in Rick And Morty? Back in the first season of Adult Swim’s sci-fi animation, an episode titled “Anatomy Park” aired. This revealed Rick had built a miniature theme park (the titular Anatomy Park) inside the body of an alcoholic homeless man called Ruben, and featured attractions inspired by his internal organs like the Colon Log Ride and It’s A Small, Small Intestine. When Anatomy Park starts malfunctioning, Rick shrinks Morty and sends him inside Ruben’s body to meet with the park’s co-creator Dr. Xenon Bloom to find out what’s happening.

Inside Ruben, Morty meets Dr. Bloom and other park workers including Annie – a churro stand employee who Morty instantly develops a crush on. Spoofing Jurassic Park, the episode sees the group attacked by rogue diseases like gonorrhea and E. coli rather than dinosaurs and when Ruben dies Morty and Co rush to escape his body. In the end, only Morty and Annie made it out of Ruben’s corpse alive and before long Rick had re-shrunk Annie so she could build a brand-new Anatomy Park inside a new host – Summer’s boyfriend Ethan.

Annie was presumably re-building Anatomy Park until the events of Rick And Morty’s “Rick Potion #9” a few episodes later in which Rick concocts a love potion for Morty that’ll make his classmate Jessica like him. Things inevitably go wrong resulting in all of humanity (apart from Morty’s family) being turned into hideous, humanoid blobs that Rick refers to as “Cronenbergs.” As Annie was inside Ethan at the time, it’s likely she got Cronenberged too or was affected in some not-so-pleasant way at the very least.

With the world overrun by Cronenbergs, Rick and Morty ditch dimension C-137 for a new one (aka ‘the replacement dimension’) that was virtually the same, except its version of the title duo had died allowing the original Rick and Morty to replace them. As the replacement dimension is almost the same as C-137, it’s likely it also had an Ethan with a theme park inside of him operated by Annie. So, while C-137 Annie was probably Cronenberged, replacement dimension Annie was likely fine – or at least as fine as you can be working at a theme park inside a human body.

Replacement dimension Annie wasn’t safe for long, however. In Rick And Morty’s third season, an episode titled “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” saw Morty zap and grossly disfigure Ethan with Rick’s Morphizer-XE as revenge for him breaking up with Summer. It’s not known exactly how Annie was affected, but it’s safe to say Ethan getting amorphized probably had a drastic and potentially deadly effect on her. Currently, both C-137 and replacement dimension Annie are in dire straits but with all the many dimensions and worlds in Rick And Morty, there’s the chance a healthy, non-Cronenberged version of her could be out there somewhere.

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