It was somewhat inevitable Keith David would end up voicing a character on Rick And Morty, so here’s a guide to his guest appearances. Dan Harmon made a name for himself with cult sitcom Community, but arguably his most famous creation is Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty. This galaxy hopping adventure series follows scientist Rick Sanchez who all but forces his meek grandson Morty on his various quests.

Rick And Morty manages to blend cool sci-fi concepts and countless movie references - including everything from The Purge to The Lawnmower Man - with some surprisingly deep characters. Rick might be a likable jerk, but the show has shown on more than one occasion that being a genius doesn’t make you happy. The show has also become famous for the amount of time it takes for new seasons to land, with the first half of Rick And Morty season 4 arriving in late 2019; the second half will arrive sometime in 2020.

Rick And Morty has featured some notable guest stars since it debuted, including Key & Peele, Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Werner Herzog, and Christina Hendricks. While Keith David may not be an A-lister, he’s a prolific actor in film, television and video games. He has over 300 credits to his name, with some of the most famous being The Thing, Platoon, They Live, and TV show Greenleaf. David is also known for his deep voice, which has made him an in-demand voice actor, with arguably his most popular animated role being HBO’s Spawn. Here’s a guide to his Rick And Morty characters.

Reverse Giraffe

Reverse Giraffe appears in Rick And Morty season 2 episode “Total Rickall,” and is one of the many alien parasites infesting the Smith house while its under lockdown. These creatures project false memories into the family, and amid an argument between Rick and the other false characters he introduces himself to calm the situation. He claims to have gone to college with Hamurai and saved the life of Ghost In A Jar in Vietnam.

Reverse Giraffe manages to convince the rest of the family Rick himself could be false, though Rick gets his revenge by blasting the parasite in the finale.

The President

Keith David also voices the unnamed President on Rick And Morty, starting with “Get Schwifty” and returning for season 3 finale “The Rickchurian Mortydate.” This President is heavily inspired in looks by Barack Obama and in his first appearance agrees to help them write a song that will please the Cromulons threatening to destroy the planet, pairing them with Ice-T. Despite believing in them, The President is also shown to be petty and vain and takes it badly when he overhears Rick and Morty being annoyed by his constant requests for help.

In “The Rickchurian Mortydate” this leads to conflict, with The President first pretending the country doesn’t need them before the episode ends with the pair fighting all over the White House. Rick And Morty’s season 3 finale ends with Rick deciding being with his family is more important than a clash of egos, though he does smooth things over with The President before the episode ends.

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