Rick And Morty has one of the most extensive and richest worlds in the realm of television shows today. With minute details and callbacks that can reference something from three seasons ago and a plethora of behind-the-scenes details, it’s a show that fans can watch over and over again and still find themselves discovering new things or picking up on more subtle jokes and references.

Over five seasons and fifty episodes of the show, there’s been a lot of information to digest, but die-hard fans of the show are so passionate that they invest time and energy into learning everything they can about Rick And Morty and their multitude of adventures.

Rick Is Afraid Of Pirates

There isn’t much that the show’s supergenius protagonist is afraid of. He and Morty are often faced with near-death experiences in the duo’s many close calls on Rick and Morty. But, in a one-off joke in “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” Rick tells the President all his intel on Rick is wrong.

When the President calls off Pirate-themed secret-ops, Rick panics and tells Morty that part was true. The idea of someone who equates themself with god being afraid of pirates is a funny unexpected twist for his character, and it’s only mentioned once, so it may be an unknown or forgotten fact for more casual fans of the show.

Justin Roiland Tried To Method Act To Record An Episode

Justin Roiland is not only one of the show’s creators, but also many of the voices on the show. Most notably, Roiland is the man behind both Rick and Morty. In a behind-the-scenes video that die-hard fans of the show have undoubtedly watched a time or two, Roiland decided to give method acting a try for a recording session of Rick’s lines.

After a lot of tequila and some beers, it was pretty difficult to keep Roiland focused on the takes and on not going too off-script. Most hilariously, he thought he sounded too sober and needed another shot, to which the entire crew answered, “No!”

Rick And Morty Act As A Hyperbolic Reference To Bipolar

A die-hard fan is going to consume any and all media they have access to about Rick And Morty, including the director’s commentary. So, avid fans will know that in the commentary for season one, episode one of Rick And Morty, Roiland and co-producers Dan Harmon and Ryan Elder talk a few times about the relationship between Rick and Morty and the feeling it evokes for them.

Harmon explains, “The Rick part of you says ‘we got to do this, we got to do that,’ and the depressive part of you says ‘Geez, I’m not sure if I should ever do anything.’” This delve into hyperbolic significance that their characterization has to different mental conditions isn’t surprising, as Rick And Morty deals with real issues like mental health quite often on the show.

Mr. Poopybutthole Was The Parasite Catalyst

There is a lot of speculation about who or what Mr. Poopybutthole is, and his origin is still an unresolved plotline on Rick And Morty discussed on Reddit. When Beth shoots him, viewers assume she was wrong to think he was a parasite. But one thing repeat watchers of “Total Rickall” will know, is that he is the catalyst for the parasite infiltration.

When Rick kills “Uncle Steve” that should have been the end of the parasites, but Mr. Poopybutthole suddenly appears when he wasn’t at the table and didn’t walk in with Rick. He then starts the callback about being at “Hulk: The Musical” which introduces Cousin Nicky and starts the train of parasites, cementing the fan theory that he’s a parasite, too.

The Central Finite Curve Was Mentioned Long Before Season 5’s Finale

To some viewers, the introduction of the Central Finite Curve in the season five finale was as shocking to them as it was to Morty. But fans who caught small pieces of dialogue, especially between different Ricks, know that it was a season 5 subject that was foreshadowed in previous seasons. It’s mentioned several times, but one of the earliest mentions is during Rick’s trial in “Close Rickcounters Of the Rick Kind.”

The council tells him, “Of all the Ricks in the Central Finite Curve, you’re the malcontent. The rogue.” As general sci-fi space talk, this could mean nothing. But enthusiastic fans held onto this quote and other quotes about the Curve and may have even pieced it together before the show’s reveal.

Rick And Birdperson Share A Kiss In The Comics

Another way die-hard fans geek out over the show is by reading the many comic editions that the writers have released because they just can’t get enough of the story and characters. Any fan watching the season five episode “Rickternal Friendshine Of The Spotless Mort,” might have noticed the tension between Rick and Birdperson when Rick asks BP to adventure with him after Blood Ridge.

Rick very quickly corrects BP when he calls their friendship a “relationship,” and his ensuing defensiveness and later bitterness at Birdperson’s wedding seem to point toward romantic feelings, at least on Rick’s part. Die-hard fans know that even in the comics, the two have a more fleshed-out romantic relationship, giving this scene much more meaning.

Jerry Isn’t As Stupid As He’s Made Out To Be

Jerry seems like the bumbling and incompetent husband that his family says he is. While Jerry certainly has his less-than-flattering moments, avid Rick And Morty viewers know that he has also been clever and capable and there are a few often unnoticed details that hardcore fans know prove this.

During alien couples’ counseling in “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez,” Jerry notices that Beth’s idealized version of him worships her, and transfers the rendering helmet to him so that a god-like Beth creature is made. In “The Wedding Squanchers,” Beth struggles to use “squanch” correctly, but Jerry effortlessly gets it right on the first try, even earning a laugh from Squanchy. These tiny moments give a more nuanced characterization to Jerry that true fans appreciate.

The Show Didn’t Get Rid Of Inter-dimensional Cable

Many casual fans of the series may be confused or disappointed that there are no longer “Inter-dimensional Cable” episodes, as those were some of the best-rated Rick and Morty episodes on IMDb. However, die-hard fans know that there is always one episode that deals exclusively with inter-dimensional anthological storytelling, even if Rick doesn’t say, “We’ll be doing this instead of inter-dimensional cable!” like during “Morty’s Mind Blowers.”

In season four, it was “The Vat Of Acid Episode,” which featured Morty hopping through different dimensions and living out different decisions. Then, in season five, it was “Mortiplicity,” which centered around many dimensions worth of decoy Smith families and their stories.

Almost All Of Jerry’s Lines Are Chris Parnell’s First Take

Especially in a show that does include a fair amount of improvisation, viewers would think it would be next to impossible to get a line of dialogue right on the first take. But, Rick And Morty super fans who have watched the show’s interviews and panels know that Roiland shared at the 2014 NYC Comic Con that Chris Parnell, the voice of Jerry, usually nails his lines on his first take, but has to record many more because of voice recording protocol and backup.

Even so, Roiland stated that they usually end up using Parnell’s original first take anyway, because he’s a natural when it comes to giving life to Jerry’s lines and he gets it perfect that first try.

Rick And Morty Recreated A Hilarious Real Court Transcript

There have been a few Rick And Morty-themed trials on the show, including a Morty lawyer who wanted to show his pog collection to C-137 Morty (or at least, a Morty who identified as C-137 Morty at the time!). Lovers of the sci-fi show know that the creators love to weigh in on current events and pop culture.

Roiland recorded himself reading the transcript for the State of Georgia vs. Denver Fenton Allen, and paired it with a crude animation. User tiarawhy got hold of the video, which was published on YouTube, and created a fully animated and colored version that mega-fans of the show have watched over and over again.