As you’d expect, the animated sci-fi sitcom, Rick and Morty, mainly revolves around the dynamic duo whose names are featured in the title.

Yet, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of other interesting players worthy of recognition. Given the creative, expansive nature of the show, which often ventures into other planets and dimensions, there’s bound to be many amusing, colorful characters rife with potential. Some come with a level of depth, mystery, and entertainment value to such a degree that one could imagine them starring in a spin-off.

With this list, we’ll comb the vast, endless universe of Rick and Morty and cover what we feel are the strongest contenders that would be great for a spin-off show.

Scary Terry

The same way Roiland and Harmon’s cartoon runs with sci-fi tropes and spoofs, a horror show in the vein of Rick and Morty could prove entertaining, and this Freddy parody could make a good antihero. The short-fused killer appeared in the second episode of Rick and Morty, crossing paths with the protagonists after they journey into the dreams of Morty’s teacher.

While the blade-wielding creature looks intimidating, Rick and Morty soon find that he’s merely misunderstood, and more complex than he lets on. His self-conscious traits and his motivation to be scarier could make for the dynamic lead of a spin-off series.

Krombopulos Michael

One can’t help but think of the potential of a Krombopulous Michael spin-off, which could be like a zany Harmon and Roiland spin on The Mandalorian. Instead of a humble bounty hunter though, here we have an alien assassin, whose Greedo-esque traits and dangerous career could make for an entertaining watch.

One can’t help but imagine the thrilling escapades this Gromflomite hitman has taken part in over the years, especially when obtaining high-tech weaponry from Rick, his best customer. Of course, given the events that take place in “Mortynight Run,” it would have to be a prequel series, but regardless, it would be fun to watch! There’s even a comic featuring this assassin that could be drawn from.

Ants In My Eyes Johnson

The 2 amusing “Interdimensional Cable” episodes hosted an array of insane and hilarious scenarios with some, particularly wacky personalities. While it’d be interesting to see many of these interdimensional characters’ backstories to some degree, “Ants in my Eyes Johnson” is a particularly curious case.

Just what is the story behind the colony of ants crawling in his eyes? How did he obtain his condition that makes him unable to feel? How is he able to keep his hopeless business up and running? These questions could be revealed in an animated sitcom which would almost certainly provide laughs. On top of this, we’d get a glimpse into an entirely different dimension, perhaps rife with people just like this peculiar salesman.


This mechanical man, otherwise known as Revolio Clockberg Jr., hasn’t exactly seen a lot of airtime, so we just don’t know much about him. Still, this is all the more reason to feature this odd character as a lead in a potential spin-off.

His eagerness in wanting to tell the tale of the “Gear Wars” does imply that some particularly epic, entertaining events took place, making us more than a little curious to see what happened. Moreover, the imaginative lands of his home planet of Gear World, shown during “Mortynight Run,” could make for a cool industrial sci-fi backdrop.


Who wouldn’t want to watch a cartoon show involving mechanized intelligent dogs?

Considering we’ve neither seen this dog-topia or even heard from Snuffles, aka “Snowball,” since back in early season 1 of Rick and Morty, this one is rife with potential. It would certainly be interesting to see what the society and technology of this new dog planet was like - and it would make for a cool little throwback to a very early episode.

You’ve also got the voice actor of Snuffles, Rob Paulsen, who would no doubt add some character as the lead in this canine spin-off.


Featured in the fan-favorite episode of Rick and Morty called “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” Unity stood out as quite the mind-boggling character.

This alien hivemind entity should make for some interesting show plots, given its ability to simultaneously control entire civilizations of people. Unity’s relationship with Rick would allow him to make some amusing guest appearances. Rick and Unity may have parted on somewhat bitter terms, though this doesn’t mean they can’t come around again.

Meanwhile, the rivalry/alliance with Beta-Seven (Patton Oswalt) could create more potential for some relationship drama on a grand scale.

Mr. Poopybutthole

This is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters in the Rick and Morty universe; and given the insanity and vastness of this series, that’s saying a lot.

Viewers were led to believe that this strange, friendly entity was merely another parasite who had implanted memories in the Smith family, only to (seemingly) have that notion shot when Beth shoots him. Between his unknown nature, his likable persona, and his frequent callbacks, one would think a Mr. Poopybutthole show would have some potential. We’d certainly like to know what his deal is, and a spinoff show could hopefully enlighten us.


On the season 2 commentary of “Wedding Squanchers,” the showrunners themselves had noted that they wished to give a more expansive look at the happenings of Squanchy and his home planet. Unfortunately, they ran into time restraints. Thus, it would seem this odd cat - with a Smurf-like trait of replacing verbs with “squanch,” comes with an interesting backstory.

We definitely would mind seeing the action-packed heroics of Squanch, who apparently grows super muscular when drinking a green liquid. One can’t help but draw comparisons of an action/comedy for this cat person akin to the Venture Bros.

Zeep Xanflorp

Sure, a spin-off show that resides inside a car battery may not sound too exciting, but if you’ve witnessed the rich, colorful world featured in “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” it begins to make sense.

Given that Rick’s Microverse features the scientist, Zeep, who’s voiced by the always-funny Stephen Colbert, he’d no doubt make for a likable protagonist. We could even see some guest appearances by Kyle, voiced by the similarly hilarious Nathan Fielder, as Zeep ventures back into his Miniverse. We would just have to hope that Rick never trashes his car battery that houses Zeep’s home universe.

Bird Person

Though its title probably shouldn’t be named after him - so it’s not confused with Harvey Birdman - A Birdperson spinoff holds much potential. This reoccurring character in Rick and Morty is still largely a mystery, as is his home planet of Bird World. His peculiar ways and nonchalant demeanor provide us with some humorous moments, though he also hits us with bouts of profound wisdom.

A show with this avian man could make for a great action-comedy, especially while he takes the high-tech, cybernetic form of Phoenixperson.