Richard Rawlings was born on 30 March 1969. His origin is in Fort Worth, Texas in the United States. He holds American ethnicity. He used to go to car expos with his dad. He beginning developing vehicles at an early age. He bought his first vehicle at 14 years old.

He moved on from Eastern Hills High School. After graduation, he began filling in as a police officer, fireman, and paramedic.

He dispatched Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas in 2002. He sold Lincoln Press in 2004.

His shop made autos for clients around the world.

Disclosure Channel series Fast N’ Loud has been zeroing in on his office since 2012.

He likewise has Garage Rehab about bombing auto change shops on Discovery.

Richard Rawlings and co-pilot Dennis Collins purportedly broke the 1979 Cannonball Run time from New York City to Los Angeles of 32 hours and 51 minutes in May 2007. Their last time is 31 hours and 59 minutes.

He has likely arrangements to open more outlets.

He opened an unrecorded music setting, Gas Monkey Live in October 2014.

He began a café adventure, Richard Rawlings’ Garage in Harker Heights, Texas in 2016. It for all time shut in March 2019.

He distributed his first collection of memoirs, Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers in May 2015.

Rawlings began Gas Monkey N’ Grill in Northwest Dallas in 2013.

He began its second area at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in 2014.

Richard Rawling was recently hitched to Karen K. Grames. They got hitched in 1993 and separated from the next year.

He wedded his second spouse Suzanne Marie Mergele in 1999. They later got separated in 2009. He remarried Suzanne in 2015. They isolated in 2019 and seeking legal separation. Richard Rawlings’ new sweetheart Katerina Deason in 2019 after separate from spouse Suzanne Rawlings. The couple is locked in.

Richard Rawlings and his Ex-spouse, Suzanne Rawlings.

Richard Rawlings remains at a stature of 1.83 m for example 6 feet tall. He has a body weight of 180 lbs for example 82 kg. He has a normal body assemble.

Richard Rawlings acquires from his undertakings. He has opened various bars, unrecorded music settings, and cafés. He likewise acquires from showing up actually TV program, Fast N’ Loud. His total assets is assessed at $20 million as of now.