Richard Onyonka started draining blood from his mouth and was brought to the medical clinic on Friday evening in December 17while talking at a political meeting in Ibacho, Kisii County.

As indicated by Arati, an unknown individual gave Onyonka a glass of water, which he drank and quickly started encountering medical issues.

“At the point when he drank the water, he saw that it tasted abnormal and spat it out. His body, then again, responded in a split second. “He started spewing,” Arati clarified.

Sadly, no video of the episode was found on Twitter.

Onyonka was hurried to an adjoining foundation for medical aid and extensive therapy, as per the Dagoretti North MP. The specialists found that he had not gulped the container’s contents during his test.

Then again, his mouth showed clear proof of disintegration and ulcers. On Saturday, December 19, the MP was delivered and told to rest at home.

“The specialists are as yet attempting to sort out what compound synthetic substances Onyonka drank from the container of water,” Arati said.

Richard is by all accounts somewhat cryptic viewing his own data as the legislator has not shared any data about his significant other and family.

Richard is additionally not accessible via online media destinations like Instagram and Twitter, so no data was acquired.

Richard Onyonka Biography: Learn More About The Politician Richard’s complete name is Richard Momoima Onyonka. Other data about his adolescence was not disclosed, so no data was accessible.

— Kahawa Tungu (@KahawaTungu) December 19, 2021

In any case, Richard referenced in a meeting that he joined the University of Nairobi for a lone wolf of trade course in 1980.

Tragically, no other data about the government official was accessible as Richards isn’t dynamic on person to person communication destinations and has not given a lot of data about himself on the web.

Richard Onyonka is 59 years of age.

Richard was born in 1962, which was referenced on his profile in Tragically, his precise date of birth isn’t given to general society yet.

Similarly, other data with respect to him like his tallness, weight, kids, and so on is likewise not accessible at that point.