After his mom’s get back from her work at 9 around evening time, she was anticipating her child in his room of course. In any case, to her stun, he was not there. Since Richard has disappeared.

He had neither taken his wallet, transport pass, or bank card with him. Lamentably, No, Richard Okorogheye isn’t found up to this point. The family detailed about Richard Okorogheye’s missing two days after he didn’t show up home.

He is everywhere on the information, everybody is worried about him however the young person isn’t found anyplace yet. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to find out about Richard and his own life. This is what we know.

Richard Okorogheye’s mom is an attendant and her name is Evidence Joel. Richard was seen last by his mom. As per Ms, Joel, her child was her beginning and end. She added that Richard was her infant, oxygen, treasure, and the lone motivation to exist. The missing of Richard has totally broken his folks and family.

— TG Time (@tvguidetime) March 29, 2021

Nonetheless, the data in regards to Richard’s dad and kin isn’t out in the general population. This may be because of protection reasons. Richard Okorogheye is matured 19 years of age. In any case, the specific date of birth of the youngster kid isn’t known as of now.

Richard Okorogheye is a University understudy. He was going to his first year at Oxford Brookes seeking after his business and IT degree on the web. He was experiencing sickle cell weakness and was adapting to protecting during the Corona Virus pandemic. He was additionally suspected to be discouraged as he was bolted inside the home for as long as 1 year because of his ongoing ailment.