Richard Hartley is the prime supporter of Haven International Ministries, of which he is a minister. The congregation is situated in Rockaway, New York. A minister by decision and a vocalist by energy, Hartley has showed up in front of an audience at the Grammys.

A popular minister who is known for being a really interesting and magnetic man has expanded than life figure for the individuals who go to his congregation. To find out about the intriguing minister, here are 10 Facts on Richard Hartley:

Richard Hartley is a notable minister in New York who will currently be getting his own TV show on the USA organization. In any case, he is yet to have a Wikipedia page devoted to him.

Born on November 28, 1961, Richard Hartley’s time of January 2021 is actually 59 years of age. He commended his 59th birthday celebration only under 2 months back. Richard Hartly was born and brought up in America and is of American identity and Black nationality.

Richard is a dedicated man and has been devoted for more than 30 years to his significant other Stacey who was a previous medical caretaker. She is likewise set to show up close by her better half on the show The Revs.

The two or three has been honored with two youngsters; Jordan their child is 28 years of age and Judea their girl is 27 years of age. Richard’s family sitcom, The Rev is set to debut on January 21, 2021, on the USA organization and will be a week after week verbose program.

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There is right now no data accessible about how much minister Richard Hartley’s total assets is. He is a functioning Twitter client and has 393 devotees for him. He has made a sum of 312 tweets.

Richard started singing at four years old which later drove him to join ensemble gatherings and later turned into an ensemble chief. He has a four year certification in Psychology which he acquired from Brooklyn school in 1983.