Who is Richard Gagnon? A white male occupant of Horry County, South Carolina, 32-year-old Richard Gagnon. In April of 2005, he started dating Bambi Bennett, the girl of Diane’s most memorable marriage and the stepdaughter of Charles Parker Sr. The couple, nonetheless, was captured for first-degree murder and thievery after her folks were tracked down dead in their Nixonville, South Carolina, home on April 12, 2005. Subsequent to living with the Parkers from here onward, indefinitely quite a while, the couple in the end moved out because of a question about Bambi’s two children from a past marriage and their legacy.


For some time, Richard, Bambi, and their two children, then ages 12 and 14, lived in a tent in the forest, just wandering into the Parkers’ patio for dinners and showers when their folks weren’t anywhere near. They in the long run got comfortable a Myrtle Beach home. On April 11, 2005, Richard and Bambi were spotted at the Parker home by different observers. Charle’s blood was found on one of Bambi’s boots and Richard’s shoes at their home, prompting their capture fourteen days after the passings were recuperated in April 2005.

The arraignment dropped their body of evidence against Bambi in May 2007 because of an absence of proof and an uncertain blood testing on her footwear. In any case, not set in stone by the agents that the blood on Richard’s shoe was not from the homicide site and had shown up there later. Richard said he didn’t have anything to do with the twofold homicide and that he had returned into the house after police had eliminated the bodies to recuperate Bambi’s golf pack and vehicle keys.

He said he was in the space when Charles’ body was found and that he could have stepped in the pool of blood. The arraignment, be that as it may, had another pro in their sleeve; they got one more sentenced criminal, Robert Lee Mullins, who had been in pre-preliminary confinement close by Richard. As per Mullins, Richard conceded culpability for the homicides to him. On March 13, 2008, a jury viewed Richard to be liable of two counts of homicide and first-degree robbery in light of this declaration and other proof. Richard’s convictions brought about a lifelong incarceration without the chance of parole.

Blood from the crime location had a unidentified DNA profile that didn’t match both individuals who had been confined. In the long run, in 2009, the specialists distinguished a suspect who matched the portrayal: Bruce Antwain Hill. He was likewise viewed as at fault for two counts of homicide and given a sentence of life in jail without the chance of delivery. The police blamed Richard and Bruce for cooperating to execute the wrongdoings. In a jail interview, Bruce, in any case, denied truly meeting Richard.

Where could Richard Gagnon presently be? Richard’s litigant counsel Robert “Bounce” Dudek documented another preliminary appeal after Richard’s conviction in 2012. Sway presented Robert Troy Taylor, a previous clergyman at the Murrells Inlet Community Church and an association among Richard and Mullins.

Taylor affirmed that he had met Mullins at the Evans Correction Institution house of prayer, and that Mullins had blamed him for lying in Richard’s hearing. In 2012, Taylor and Richard met through a jail Bible review bunch and turned out to be dear companions, frequently hanging out playing a card game. At the same time, Richard examined the meaning of Muller’s declaration in his conviction. Taylor set up the occasions and kept up with his believability under extreme interrogation.

Thus, in January 2013, Richard had his convictions upset and his solicitation for another preliminary was allowed. In February 2013, while hanging tight for his retrial, Richard was delivered on a $50,000 bail. On April 23, 2015, his claim was excused, but under the new docketing framework, he can resubmit his case all of a sudden.

As per the arraignment, the charges were rarely dropped. Richard is in fact free and doesn’t need to check in with his bondsman, however he actually likes to stay under the radar. The lawyer addressing Richard added, “His words to me were, ‘I feel honored,’ and perhaps it’s that simple for him.” The remand court was educated by Richard’s allure lawyer that in the years since his delivery from prison, Richard, who is presently in his late 40s, had become strict. A report from 2021 states that Richard eventually decided to call the Carolina coast home. He has tracked down adoration and settled down to raise a family.

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