A couple of days prior to Thanksgiving, he killed 17-year-old Candice Cockerham. Additionally, answerable for battering Vernetta Cockerham at Jonesville. The homicide story has been included on Dateline, “Survivors” on the Bio Channel.


Here are some more subtleties on the supposed homicide. Richard Ellerbee has no Wikipedia bio. He is the oppressive spouse of Vernetta Cockerham. The couple had met in 2001 in New Jersey.

pon incalculable maltreatment and beats. They started living separated, however the maltreatment didn’t end. In 2002, Ellerbee stifled and had left Cokerham for dead seven years prior. He additionally killed his stepdaughter Candice.

Cockerham had done everything to get equity. However, eventually, none of that was sufficient to forestall the most noticeably awful misfortune. In any case, she had the option to endure and report the occurrence to Jonesville Police Department.

In 2009, following quite a while of court fights, Cockerham was granted $430,000. Vernetta Cockerham is carrying on with her life calmly. Nonetheless, her scars stay that she couldn’t save her oldest youngster. She additionally has two additional kids Rashieq and Dominiq. Among the two young men, Rashieq is the natural child of Richard Ellerbee. Cockerham went out was abandoned. Richard Ellerbee is now dead. He died subsequent to drenching himself in gas and setting himself ablaze. Vernetta Cockerham’s oldest girl is Candice Cockerham.

She was 17 years of age in those days in 2002. Candice was born when Vernetta was just 18 years old. She was a pleased girl who had a meeting with a military enrollment specialist. The youthful youngster went to North Carolina secondary school. She needed to serve her country.