It has been realized that he was accused of racketeering and dealing with cannabis and later was condemned to 90 years of jail.

As per the reports asserted by CNN, he was discovered carrying in excess of 100 pounds of cannabis from Colombia into Florida.

Truth be told, Richard Delisi spent a sum of 31 years on cannabis charges and this is would be the 32nd year on the off chance that he had continued serving the jail.

Be that as it may, on December 8, 2020, he was delivered from the South Bay Correctional Facility.

He had been serving the jail since 1989 and is viewed as the longest-serving prisoner in the United States for the conviction of cannabis.

Richard Delisi met his relatives when he was delivered. It has been realized that he had met his two grandkids on December 8, 2020.

Also, he had a child who passed on at 23 years old. Alongside that, his little girl got incapacitated after a terrible auto collision.

Besides, he would never see two of his granddaughters as well. Discussing his folks, they are not any more in this world and they had passed on when he was in jail.

After he got delivered, he met his child Rick Delisi who was only 11 years of age when he had bid farewell to his dad. Presently, he is now 43 years of age and is exceptionally glad to see his dad once more.

Presently, Richard Delisi himself is as of now 71 years of age. Another miserable story is about his affection life as his significant other is not any more in this world.

Since he was never outside the bars since 1989, he never utilized any web-based media.

Despite the fact that he was mixed up as an Italian crook, his ethnicity is really American. Be that as it may, as he has got profound Italian roots, his nationality is supposed to be Italian-American.

In spite of the fact that we can’t peruse Richard Delisi’s profile on any destinations, we trust you have taken in a ton about him in the wake of perusing these 10 facts.