His love for the Apple device is so strong that at least part of the interview looks at the applications he’s running on his: starting, as all App lovers do, with an amusing demonstration of the renowned iPint App. He also (as you might expect) offers the interviewer a quick glance of the perfect game for a progressive evolutionist, Spore. Dawkins is an intelligent man, so perhaps that’s why he’s already on his third iPhone, presumably meaning he’s used each and every model released so far. Dawkins is a renowned evolutionist, who likens creationism so: “Imagine you are a teacher of recent history, and your lessons on 20th-century Europe are boycotted… by politically muscular groups of Holocaust deniers. The plight of many science teachers today is not less dire. When they attempt to expound the central principle of biology they are harried and stymied, hassled and bullied.” The interview refers to his new book, “The Greatest Show On Earth”, which aims to convince non-believers that Darwin was right. You can read the interview here. Note: Before you comment, remember, this is about celebrity, not religion/lack thereof.  If the Pope talked up his iPhone, we’d write  story about it too.