Teeling’s body was found by the police on March 2 in Richard’s level. They thought that she is half-exposed with wounds on her mouth and neck. She likewise had a bone crack close to the foundation of her tongue.


Richard Bailey met Teeling on a night out in Birmingham and went to his level. He confessed to gagging her during unpleasant intercourse prior to understanding that Charlotte had died. After the homicide, he continued to utilize her card and travel to Coventry.

Richard Bailey has a few fierce offenses he submitted against ladies. His past feelings extended for over 27 years. He got imprisoned for a typical attack in 2000, where he punched his then, at that point, accomplice, reports BBC.

In 2002, Bailey got condemned to 54 months in jail for theft. He got imprisoned in 2006 and 2016 for snatching a lady around the throat and for thievery and burglary. Bailey was 41 years of age during the homicide occurrence. He was on permit during the hour of Charlotte’s homicide.

Bailey’s eulogy has not been posted as he is as yet alive and carrying out his punishment in jail. Charlotte Teeling died at 33 years old years. She was a mum of two and lived on the Isle of Wight and Worcester.

Teeling took a train from Worcester to Birmingham on February 22, 2021, and afterward reached her companions the following day. She told her companions she was with a man named Richard and that she was OK.

— West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) September 10, 2018

Charlotte’s loved ones didn’t hear from her after that. She was then announced missing on February 26. The police discovered her check card is being utilized, and CCTV shows Bailey utilizing the card.

Richard Bailey was indicted for Charlotte’s homicide in September 2018 at Birmingham Crown Court. He has 171 past feelings and is to serve at least 29 years. The appointed authority decided that the homicide in question “twisted direct.” Bailey is right now carrying out his punishment for the terrible wrongdoing he carried out in 2018.