The wedding cards have been arranged by one of the couple’s beloved buddy Puneet Gupta. Lately, in a gathering with Viewpoint, he uncovered the inspiration driving the gladly received.

Gupta revealed: “The Save the date is connected to celebrating being a 80s youth and taking from the exemplary Indian pennant craftsmanship. It is in like manner kind of fascinating to do an out and out various and whimsical translation of the couple close by a retro reshape and a touch of Bollywood.”

Richa and Ali’s wedding invites got viral as it had a phenomenal part. The card has been made in condition of a matchbox having the couple’s picture on it. The two ought to be noticeable sitting on a bicycle.

As per NDTV, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal will get hitched on October 6th. They will have three pre-wedding capacities including; sangeet, mehendi and blended drink.

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