Ricardo Joel Gomez’s daughter Selena Gomez is a famous famous person within the entertainment enterprise. She were given her first performing function in 1992 on the children’s tv display “Barney & Friends.”


She became well-known after her look at the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place. The younger actor seemed in different suggests and films before starting her track profession and has persisted to succeed in her singing and performing profession, and her father seems pleased with her achievements.

Ricardo frequently shares posts of Selena on his Instagram page and with the relaxation of his circle of relatives. Judging from Ricardo’s social media, the superstar spends vacations together with her father and is near her siblings from his father’s 2nd marriage.

Relationship with Selena’s Mother Ricardo Joel Gomez and his ex-spouse Mandy Teefy married after discovering she turned into pregnant with Selena. Mandy changed into sixteen whilst she determined out she changed into expecting, and he or she and Ricardo tied the knot in 1992. Unfortunately, the pair’s marriage failed to final, as they divorced while Selena turned into five years antique. The singer/songwriter’s mom got number one custody of her.

The reason for her dad and mom’ split is unknown; however, Selena constantly blamed her mom for the divorce when her dad and mom separated. She wanted her father and mother to be collectively and have a complete own family. The actress once discovered that she become additionally indignant with her mother for the separation and stated she nevertheless feels “truly bad” about blaming her mother.

Current Family After Ricardo Joel Gomez and Mandy Teefy’s marriage ended, Selena Gomez’s father remarried. He married Sara and became a stepfather to his 2nd spouse’s little boy, Marcus. The couple sooner or later welcomed a child lady collectively in June 2014 and named her Victoria.

Ricardo’s children seem to have an awesome courting as he once shared a candy Christmas photo of them on Instagram in December 2015. The proud dad shared an photo of him and his kids and wrote that he has realized that “having kids on Christmas” is “the high-quality factor ever.”

Another publish from 2015 become of him, his wife, and Selena, with his spouse and primary daughter kissing him at the cheek. Ricardo captioned the photograph with the aid of writing, “My beautiful girls.”

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Relationship with Selena Ricardo Joel Gomez’s daughter was raised by means of her mom Mandy once they divorced. Despite the previous spouses not being together, Ricardo still hung out together with his daughter.

The father and daughter used to exit collectively while Selena changed into nevertheless young, and that they frequently went to Hooters. Ricardo was capable of meet waitresses at Hooters with the help of his eldest daughter. The actress told Harper’s Bazaar in 2013 how she and her dad going to Hooters became their component.

Ricardo is currently one among his daughter’s largest fans. He frequently shares joyful posts about her on his social media and always writes that he’s a “#prouddad.” Also, he often celebrates the birthdays of his little woman, who is already end up a massive famous person.

Ricardo Dealt with Racism in His Life Ricardo Joel Gomez is Mexican, and there had been instances in his life where he handled racism. His daughter spoke approximately some of these cases in 2021 throughout an interview with Elle magazine. She stated her dad could get pulled over regularly, and “he wasn’t doing whatever maximum of the time.”

Selena Gomez additionally spoke about one event when they have been in Dallas at a Shania Twain live performance, and a stranger mistreated Ricardo and known as him names. She said she were given so mad at the time and desired to reveal the stranger who she changed into. However, her father talked her down and advised her there has been nothing they may do. Her father continually instructed her it turned into better not to react.