Ricardo Crespo is presently 45 years old. Additionally, the entertainer praises his birthday on January 27 consistently. Born and brought up in Mexico, he has been situated in Mexico City for pretty much his life. Additional data about his folks and family stays unsure. The entertainer’s better half’s name is presently a secret.


In any case, she has been at the center of attention as of late subsequent to documenting a body of evidence against her significant other. She freely reproved him for manhandling their 14-year-old little girl and explicitly badgering her. Subsequently, Ricardo Crespo’s better half has decided to stay quiet about her biografia. In any case, one can discover her photos on the web.


Ricardo Crespo is a Mexican entertainer, model, and artist who is known for his telenovela TV shows and movies.The 46 -year-old was as of late captured on charges of rape against his minor little girl. His girl is only 14 years of age.

The court has sent a capture warrant when they discovered significant verification of the maltreatment. Nonetheless, his sentence and hearing anticipate a multi month-long examination. In addition, his high school little girl has been slanted to a few physical and mental tests over the couple of weeks. In like manner, Ricardo’s web-based media accounts don’t exist any longer. His Instagram account had over 110k supporters, yet as of now, it has been impeded.

Under extraordinary confinement, Ricardo Crespo isn’t dead. He is alive and healthy and sitting tight for his sentence. Many have foreseen his sentence to be above and beyond 10 years to 14 years.