She is as of now in police guardianship for aggressive behavior at home. Yet, her side of the story is totally different! Ricancubana Mugshot is accessible on Orange County Jail records.

In 2019, Tiktok star was captured for supposed homegrown battery. She was bailed from prison for the charges. Quick forward to 2021; there are hypotheses that she is again in authority.

She posted a progression of Tiktok recordings clarifying her circumstance. Clearly, her beau’s aunt gagged her, and her stomach supposedly contacted the auntie. This evidently prompted the charges against the social star.

The bond was put at around $1000. She is as of now on house capture. Essentially, the police have made her wear lower leg wristbands to screen her areas. Ricancubana was dating her beau, Avery.

In any case, she has blamed her accomplice for harmful conduct. She posted different recordings that supposedly showed wounds as the aftereffect of aggressive behavior at home. In another video, the TikToker showed that Avery had obviously hijacked her girl. Besides, Ricancubana’s capture was the result of the fight with her beau and his auntie.

The authority reports of the case are not public yet. In any case, fans are steady of Ricancubana’s circumstance regardless. Ricancubana genuine name is Alana Nicole Corzo. She commends her birthday on July 7, 1992. Accordingly, she is 28 years of age in age.

The Titkoker is initially from Peurto Rico and as of now dwells in Florida. Moreover, she is a mother to two little girls named Sayuri and Katalaiya. She doesn’t have a public Instagram. Yet, you can follow her on Tiktok as @ricancubana. She gloats over 827k supporters and 90.3 million preferences.

We theorize that the TikTok star yields a nice total assets from her Tiktok. Nonetheless, she is going through monetary difficulty because of the claim. In one of her recordings, Alana clarified that she may be requiring a legal counselor and another plan for a legitimate case soon.