Early Life Ric Prado was born in 1952 and he is at present living in his mid 70s. He has not uncovered much with regards to his biography, however we expect that he is a hitched man with an exceptionally prospered family.


He was born in Cuba and raised with different kin. His dad’s name is Gregory Prado and his mom’s name is Shirley Prado. He was born in a working class family, thinking back to the 1960s when the nation was confronting the progressive period of having Fidel Castro as the president. Prado’s family moved to Miami, United States. He accepted his four year certification from George Mason University 36 years back in 1986.

Family in Cuba, thinking back to the 1960s. The family once had an agreeable, working class way of life in their nation of origin. In any case, when Castro came to drive, the nation became hazardous to live around. Every one of the organizations were seized by the socialists including the café possessed by Prado’s dad, his granddad’s service station, and stogie moving store. The nation became hazardous for individuals or families like the Prados’ one. It became challenging to make due in a nation where consistently you would need to confront the socialists. In this way, Prado alongside his family escaped while Prado was only 7 years of age.

Ric Prado Career Prado has worked with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for a limit of 24 years. He has gotten many honors and praises for something similar, including CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, which was given at the hour of his retirement. The George Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism is among different honors he got during the functioning meeting of the CIA. The resigned CIA official, Ric Prado, is currently featuring his remarkable profession. He has now turned into a creator, individual from the governing body (ASSOCIATION FOR THE RECOVERY OF CHILDREN), and the Former Co-Owner of Camp X preparation (organization procured). In his book Black Ops, he has depicted the time of illegal intimidation including how he escaped the nation and what was the situation prior to living in the United States.

Mr Prado has gotten many distinctions and grants in his whole profession at CIA. he was the holder of the place of paramilitary, counterterrorism, and extraordinary surreptitious tasks trained professional. Notwithstanding this, he filled in as the activity official in six abroad posts. After leaving his administration position, he functioned as a private military project worker for a concise where he fostered his particular activities group. He is additionally the previous co-proprietor of Camp-X Training where he should proceed with his administration preparing supporting the SPECOPS people group. He has additionally been engaged with giving illustrations on cutting edge exceptional activities and methods of similar fundamental abilities.

Dark Ops Prado is a retiree from the CIA yet gets himself associated with preparing nearby SWAT groups. He has spent something like 24 years with the CIA and has likewise composed a book called “Dark Ops.” It all started in Cuba when the previous president Fidel Castro came to control and Prado’s family settled to escape from Cuba. They claimed numerous organizations yet all were seized by the socialist. In 1971, Prado enlisted in the air force and later ended up associated with the mission of the CIA while being secret with hostile to socialist agitators in Honduras.

The insight about the forthcoming book Black Ops. was given by St. Martin’s Press on 30th June. in the book, Prado has shared the truth of his biography in the realm of psychological militants, spies, and progressives where he came to be known as the CIA. He alongside his kindred CIA officials were acknowledged to carry on with their life while having activities in the shadow of the battling and practically obscure universe of war, assisting the United States with protecting it from individuals who hurt the country.

Ric Prado is most likely a hitched man who may be having youngsters and grandkids at the period of 70s. Yet, he has not given experiences into his biography looking like his significant other, kids, and any previous relationship.

Ric Prado Net Worth It is without a doubt that Mr. Prado is acquiring millions. His essential type of revenue is his resigned profession in the CIA and his work as a creator. He has burned through 10 years while being CIA’s first class official “Ground Branch”, and 14 years in the CIA’s counter-psychological oppressor place. Mr Prado spent the last long periods of his CIA vocation while being head of activities at the CIA counter-psychological militant community. After retirement, he has worked basically for a very long time at Blackwater, the USA as a VP for the exceptional government programs. Right now, Ric Prado’s assessed total assets is almost $5 million.