Ribeye steak is high in nutritional facts & is both flavorsome as well as tender. It contains calories, protein, fats, etc. Ribeye steak in the USA will cost around $12.99/lb to $14.99/lb.

Ribeye Steak & Nutritional Facts

Ribeye steak is very nutritional, it is the kind of steak that comes from the cow’s rib section. It is present in the middle of the cow’s body that’s way closer to the front section & contains more fat.

Nutrition Facts of Ribeye Steak – 03 ounces

Calories – 207Protein – 24 gFat – 12 gSaturated – 5 gMonounsaturated – 5 gPolyunsaturated – 0 gCarbohydrate – 0 gSugar – 0 gFiber – 0 g

Key Nutrients of Ribeye Steak

Niacin- 30% in per 06 mgVitamin B6- 24% per 06 mgVitamin B12- 21% in per 1. 2 mcgPhosphorus- 18% in per 178 mgZinc- 27% in per 4. 2 mgSelenium- 36% in per 25 mcg

Ribeye Steak Cost

People in the United States are very fond of Ribeye steak. As it is high in nutritional value & people love having it for good sources of nutrition.  different stores have different prices, that may be based on quality or other facts.

Steaks are divided as Choice graded steak & Second prime steak & lower-grade steakIn Walmart, Ribeye steaks cost around $10. 97/lb. The lower-grade steak will not be available at famous stores around the USAs it is less nutritious & less flavorful 

Ribeye Steak at Different Stores Around The US

At USDA Choice- the process varies at different places. The prices per lb are as follows-

Grocery Bargain Outlet – $16. 48/lb (8oz for $8. 49)Vons Boneless – $17. 99/lbVons Bone-In – $16. 99/lbGelson’s Bone-In – $39. 99/lbWinco – $16. 47/lbGelson’s Boneless – $40. 99/lbWalmart Thin Boneless – $14. 97/lbWalmart Boneless – $11. 47/lbALDI Thin Boneless – $10. 99/lbTrader Joe’s Angus – $18. 99/lbTrader Joe’s Boneless – $12. 99/lbCostco Boneless – $12. 99/lbKroger Boneless – $13. 99/lbKroger Bone-In – $14. 29/lbMeijer Angus Boneless – $16. 99/lbMeijer Angus Bone-In – $15. 99/lbWhole Foods Boneless – $19. 99/lbWhole Foods Bone-In – $18. 99/lbWhole Foods Grass Fed Organic – $25. 98/lb (8 oz for $12. 99)Sam’s Club Boneless Angus – $11. 98/lbFood 4 Less Boneless – $12. 99/lbSam’s Club Boneless Angus Thin – $13. 98/lb

At USDA Prime

Sam’s Club Boneless – $19. 98/lbGelsons Prime Bone-in – $49. 99/lbCostco Boneless – $22. 99/lbGelsons Prime Boneless – $50. 99/lb

Types Of Ribeye Steak

There are various types of ribeye steak available in the United States. It may be bone-in steak or boneless steak, etc. they are as follows-

Bone-In or Boneless

Ribeye steak is available as Bone-in or boneless. They taste the sameBone-in Ribeye steak has more muscle & chewier as compared to boneless Ribeye Bone-in steak is also good for smokingAnd, Boneless ribeye is less chewy with less tissueIt is better for grilling.

Ungraded Ribeye

Some ribeye steaks are of low grade which is termed Ungraded Ribeye.

Ungraded Ribeye is available at different storesThey are less costlyBut the quality is not that bad

Dry Aged Ribeye 

Dry-aged ribeye steak is the most expensive & best ribeye steak. It is a kind of treat to yourself.

It is a truly delicious ribeye experienceUsed on special occasions


Ribeye steak is high in nutritional facts & is both flavorsome as well as tender. It contains calories, protein, fats, etc. Ribeye steak in the USA will cost around $12.99/lb to $14.99/lb. But if the ribeye steak is Dry-aged it may be more expensive as it is used for special occasions only. Different stores sell ribeye steak at different prices but the prices are almost the same. It is the quality of the ribeye steak that matters the most.

Why is Ribeye Steak Expensive?

Answer- Ribeye steak is like a crown in the world of steaks. It is a part of a cow’s body & may be quite expensive. The dry-aged Ribeye steak is the most expensive one & is used only for special occasions.

Ribeye steak per pound weight?

Answer- Ribeye steak costs vary from store to store to quality to quality. On average it costs around $16.79 per lb in the United States. Talking about dry-aged ribeye steak, it costs around $36/lb.

Is fillet steak more expensive than Ribeye steak?

Answer- yes. Ribeye steak is quite expensive but fillet steak is one of the most expensive steaks all around the United States. The reason may be the scarcity of the steak or its tenderness.