Writer-director Rian Johnson warns viewers should NOT watch the new Knives Out movie trailer if they want to go into the film completely fresh. Early in his career as a filmmaker, Johnson cut his teeth on the kind of twisty mystery crime thriller that Knives Out promises to be. With movies like Brick, Looper and The Brothers Bloom under his belt, Johnson graduated to the likes of big blockbuster franchise moviemaking with Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Though the Skywalker Saga installment was divisive, Johnson is set to shepherd his own Star Wars trilogy to the screen in the coming years. First, though, he’ll release a whodunnit in Knives Out.

Knives Out follows a murder-mystery storyline in which private investigator Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) attempts to deduce who murdered popular crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). The suspects? Harlan’s extended - but dysfunctional - family, all of whom were attending the birthday party where he was found dead and all of whom have motive to murder the old man. Ahead of the movie’s Thanksgiving release date, a new Knives Out movie trailer was released today, offering plenty of new footage from the upcoming film. But according to Johnson himself, it may be best if viewers already sold on seeing Knives Out avoid this trailer.

On Twitter, Johnson announced the release of the new Knives Out trailer, but prefaced it with a warning. Though he specifies that the trailer doesn’t spoil anything, it does include new footage that is “best experienced for the first time in the movie.” See Johnson’s full tweet below.

Since a movie trailer is part of a studio’s marketing campaign to convince potential moviegoers to actually head to theaters and see a film, it makes sense that Johnson is warning away those who are already sold. If you’re planning on seeing the movie, then the latest trailer’s job is already done. After the initial Knives Out trailer set up the premise, and capitalized on the fame of Chris Evans coming off his swan song in Avengers: Endgame, Johnson’s latest has undoubtedly won over many potential viewers. And given the twisty nature of not only murder-mysteries but Johnson’s films in general, it’s perhaps best for audiences to go in as fresh as possible so they can experience all the surprises Knives Out has in store.

Of course, there will be fans who don’t want to go into the film clean, as Johnson puts it, or who had already seen the new trailer before catching the director’s warning. Still, Johnson assures those viewers that the trailer doesn’t outright spoil anything in Knives Out. Much of the new footage features the Knives Out characters in out-of-context scenes. Though it may be possible for intrepid fans to make their own deductions from the latest trailer, it likely doesn’t spoil too much. Since much of the fun of murder-mysteries like Knives Out is derived from the mystery itself, a trailer spoiling the movie might actually deter audiences from seeing it in theaters. Thankfully, according to Johnson, the Knives Out trailer doesn’t spoil anything, but he still urges fans to go in as fresh as possible for the movie. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do so when Knives Out hits theaters this Thanksgiving.

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Source: Rian Johnson/Twitter

  • Knives Out Release Date: 2019-11-27