Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, communicated that the studio was enormously happy for what Rian Johnson had made with The Last Jedi, which determined into the decision to provide Johnson with a bunch of three set in the Star Wars universe. Anyway, after the appearance of The Last Jedi and the problematic fan reactions that followed, provides details regarding the arrangement of three began to slow. Numerous thought that Lucasfilm had dropped the endeavor due to said split reaction to Johnson’s film, yet there has never been any confirmation of this all through the long haul.


In the years beginning around 2017, both Johnson and Kennedy have been seen whether the arrangement of three will regardless happen. While both still seem, by all accounts, to be certain the films will be made, Johnson’s commitment to Netflix and the Knives Out foundation have again delayed creation starting the arrangement of three. Without a doubt, the latest update from Johnson could give devotees of the maker and his work on Star Wars new assumption on the arrangement of three happening. Regardless, with a bunch of three as stormy as this, becoming engaged with its chance happening seems like a dependable strategy for being dampened if it doesn’t work out true to form.

Is Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Happening? His Latest Update Gives Us Hope The latest update from Rian Johnson about his Star Wars movies, communicating that he and Kennedy have remained nearby since his work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, attests that the maker is as yet prepared for the arrangement of three and that it is simply reserving when creation can begin that is the issue. Johnson’s remarks moreover show the maker’s love for the foundation that was clear during the production of The Last Jedi. Check out at the main’s remarks on the arrangement of three during a gathering with Empire:

I’ve stayed close by Kathleen [Kennedy] and we get together as often as possible and talk about it. It’s right at this point an issue of plan and when it can end up working. It would make me very resentful expecting I were finished, if I couldn’t get back in that sandbox at some point or another.

These remarks are clearly elevating news for anyone really anticipating that the arrangement of three should happen, showing that Johnson’s heart stays in the Star Wars universe. Moreover, the boss actually increased down on how satisfied he is of The Last Jedi, no matter what the serious fan talk that really happens five years after its fundamental conveyance over points like Luke Skywalker and his passing. This exhibits Johnson hasn’t become worn out on returning to the universe, and it is clear from Johnson’s side that he is just believing that Lucasfilm will zero in on a creation date that lines up with the film maker’s own plan, essentially putting the ball in Kennedy’s court.

Why Star Wars Needs Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy This is a respectable move from Johnson, as clearly Lucasfilm needs the arrangement of three to happen more than Johnson does. As referred to, Rian Johnson safeguarded a massive game plan with Netflix over the formation of two Knives Out side projects, meaning Johnson has a lot of work in his future paying little mind to Star Wars (despite the film maker’s obvious yearning to return). While concerning Lucasfilm in any case, the studio is decidedly battling with taking Star Wars back to the big screen after the appearance of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. With Rogue Squadron’s 2023 conveyance looking evermore unfathomable for Star Wars, and Taika Waititi’s film still without a title, completed content, or conveyance date, Star Wars’ reasonable future dead pursuits in the water.

With just Kevin Feige’s conspicuous Star Wars film left, one which looks doubtful to come anytime soon in view of his obligation with Marvel Studios until 2025 and the completion of the Multiverse Saga, Rian Johnson’s arrangement of three could be precisely exact thing Lucasfilm needs to send off Star Wars’ big screen resurgence. One more arrangement of three, worked in Johnson’s mind beginning around 2017, that incorporates some other time frame, new characters, and a completely new story in the Star Wars universe is something fans have required since the disappointing completion to the Skywalker Saga and is something Lucasfilm surely need.

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Why Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Still (Sadly) Seems Unlikely Rian Johnson Knives out 2 Star wars the last jedi rey Sadly, a Star Wars set of three from Rian Johnson without Skywalkers really has all the earmarks of being outlandish, disregarding the central’s remarks and the certain benefits it would bring to the foundation. One legitimization behind this is the overall referred to deal Johnson hit with Netflix. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is set to convey over the latest two or three extended lengths of 2022. Taking into account how the course of action among Netflix and Johnson was for two Knives Out side projects, in all likelihood, Johnson will skip straight into creation on the third film after the appearance of Glass Onion. This will presumably keep Johnson involved until somewhere near 2024 and possibly 2025, meaning the likelihood of Lucasfilm really keeping spaces open for any potential Star Wars set of three for Johnson after this point is immaterial.

Also, it is clear from Lucasfilm’s approaching record of Star Wars TV shows that the studio believes TV to be the destiny of the foundation. From Andor, Ahsoka, The Acolyte, Skeleton Crew, Tales of the Jedi, and continuations of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, The Bad Batch, and Star Wars: Visions, it is clear Lucasfilm are committing truly to continuing with the Star Wars foundation on the little screen. The shortfall of clearness on all continuous Star Wars feature films being created sponsorships this, including Patty Jenkins’, Taika Waititi’s, and Kevin Feige’s, with all boding debilitated for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars set of three, paying little heed to how appalling that reality may be.