The director Rian Johnson released an audio in-theater commentary for Knives Out. The movie, released on November 27, 2019, focuses on the detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) as its protagonist, a man who is investigating the death of crime novelist Mr. Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer).

Knives Out has been one of the most anticipated movies in 2019 thanks in part to its impressive cast, featuring stars like Blade Runner’s Ana De Armas, Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis, Little Miss Sunshine’s Toni Collette, and others. Even Frank Oz, the puppeteer who performed as Yoda in The Last Jedi, has a small role in Johnson’s new movie. The murder-mystery title has excellent reviews, to the point that Johnson already revealed his interest in creating a sequel to Knives Out, likely featuring Daniel Craig as the protagonist once again.

For now, the fans will have to settle for a new in-theater audio commentary which Knives Out’s director Rian Johnson announced recently on Twitter. The audio file is available on the movie’s official website, and by downloading it to their smartphones or iPods fans will be able to listen to Johnson’s voice while he comments on the movie. Additionally, the download comes with detailed instructions about when to start playing the track, as well as instructions on how to avoid disturbing the other movie-goers. “Did this on Bloom & Looper,” Johnson said in the tweet, adding he’s “happy to try it again.” Lots of fans replied enthusiastically to the Knives Out audio commentary announcement, and they will hopefully bring their headphones to the theater to listen the track while they watch the movie.

Before Knives Out, Johnson had only directed four movies in his career. The director is probably best known for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which was the eighth installment in the iconic Star Wars Skywalker saga. Despite its success, the movie was at the center of a huge controversy on social media. The actress Kelly Marie Tran, who played a character named Rose Tico in the movie, had to close her social media accounts after suffering harassment from Star Wars fans. Johnson also directed Looper, Brick and The Brothers Bloom.

Knives Out’s audio commentary from the director will likely encourage many fans to go see the film at their local theater a second time, which obviously means more box office sales. Other than that, it definitely provides an unique in-theater experience. Since special features and behind-the-scenes content are gradually disappearing from DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, hopefully other directors will follow Knives Out’s lead and create audio commentaries for fans to enjoy on their smartphones.

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Source: Twitter/Knives Out