Reed Morano’s The Rhythm Section teases a James Bond-like movie franchise, but will a sequel, The Rhythm Section 2, actually be released anytime soon? Based on Mark Burnell’s eponymous novel, the spy thriller stars Blake Lively as a vengeful assassin. 

The Rhythm Section follows Stephanie Patrick, a woman traumatized after her entire family dies in a plane crash. After learning about a conspiracy associated with the tragedy, she trains to become an elite assassin while searching for the truth. Jude Law co-stars as Iain Boyd, an operative who trains Patrick and teaches her to control her body and mind.

The ending of The Rhythm Section’s sets up a direct sequel, as Patrick takes out mark after mark, and decides to work by herself, now fully confident in her assassin potential. But the exclamation point ending could indeed be the end of Patrick’s big screen storyline given the early mixed reactions to Morano’s film. Moving forward, the box office take will ultimately determine if another $50 million installment will be produced. Here’s what to expect for The Rhythm Section 2. 

The Rhythm Section Is Based On A Book Series

The Rhythm Section’s source material was originally published in 1999. Since then, Burnell has released three more franchise installments for the Stephanie Patrick thriller series: Chameleon (2001), Gemini aka Zoo Station (2003), and The Third Woman (2005). The next film would likely be called either “Chameleon” or “The Rhythm Section: Chameleon.”

Assuming that The Rhythm Section 2 will be produced, Burnell would adapt his own work once again for the big screen. Then again, it’s certainly possible that other screenwriters could be involved for more polish, as critic reviews of The Rhythm Section thus far have pointed out the script’s lack of substance.

When The Rhythm Section 2 Could Release

The Rhythm Section 2 would likely have a higher budget, at least if the filmmakers want to take more risks. Morano previously worked as a cinematographer and director for numerous indie films, so she may not necessarily envision The Rhythm Section as a James Bond-style franchise, but rather one that’s more focused on character psychology. It’s also possible that producers may not feel ready for a proper $100 million blockbuster if The Rhythm Section doesn’t quite kill at the box office.

What The Rhythm Section 2’s Story Could Be About

The Rhythm Section concludes with Patrick eliminating her targets, and then being surprised by mentor Iain Boyd. Their reunion isn’t exactly friendly, however, and the younger assassin literally walks off into the sunset with a sly look on her face (see above). So, what’s next, if anything?

If The Rhythm Section 2 gets made, Patrick will be assigned to track down a Russian underworld figure named Koba. And whereas the original film takes place in Surrey, Madrid, Tangier, and other international cities, The Rhythm Section 2 will seemingly be set in New York and Moscow, with Patrick making a few European stops along the way.

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