Netflix’s hit reality competition show Rhythm + Flow has already garnered a loyal fan base, and they are anxiously awaiting news of a second season. Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about the fate of Rhythm and Flow. However, the odds are in the series’ favor for a renewal.

Despite not much information - or really no information whatsoever - being released about Rhythm + Flow season 2, and it not being confirmed for a renewal, it’s very likely that show will return in some capacity for a second season. Netflix’s renewal announcements range greatly. Sometimes, the streaming service announces the renewal of one of its series before the show has even been released or very soon after, and sometimes it waits right before production begins on a new season, so it’s hard to estimate when to expect a Rhythm + Flow season 2 renewal announcement. That said, we predict that it might happen within the next few months. The format of the series was a major success with viewers, so we don’t expect major changes for the second season. Rhythm + Flow is likely to continue bringing the fire for many seasons to come.

Rhythm+ Flow Season 2 Release Date Info

There aren’t many details at the moment about Rhythm + Flow season 2, but there are a few things fans can assume about an upcoming season. Likely, Netflix wants to keep heavy hitters T.I, Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper on their judging panel. Expect to see all or most of them returning for a season 2. Cardi B, T.I, and Chance the Rapper are all at the peak of their careers, and very busy with movies, tours, and upcoming new seasons of their own reality shows, which may mean that we won’t see another season of Rhythm + Flow until October 2020 or longer.

Rhythm +Flow Season 2 Format

The first season of the show started on October 9, 2019 with four episodes, and Netflix then released three more episodes on October 16, and the final three on October 23. This format combined Netflix’s famous binge-watching quality with more of a classic reality competition format, like American Idol and The Voice with their weekly episodes. Unlike other reality competition series, Rhythm + Flow lets the professionals decide the winner instead of determining it by a viewer vote. The decision to let industry professionals decide the winner gained the series even more praise from fans and critics. As they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” so expect this weekly format and professionals selecting process to continue into season 2.

Rhythm + Flow is different from other singing competition shows because it rewards the winner with $250,000 instead of a contract. This gives the artist the freedom to decide his or her future, instead of being locked into a - sometimes - limiting contract. The series featured many famous hip-hop and rap guest stars like Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Miguel, Jhene Aiko, and Teyana Taylor. With the series being so successful, expect even more hip-hop, R&B, and rap artists to guest star for season 2. The official audition page hasn’t started advertising for season 2 auditions yet, but most likely, if Netflix renews the series, the auditions will begin around the summer for another fall premiere.

Also, expect Rhythm + Flow winner D Smoke and some of the other popular season 1 performers to make an appearance in some capacity next season, since it’s common for past contestants to make an appearance either as mentors or special guests.

Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Details

Rhythm + Flow’s first season only included 10 episodes, which varied in episode length, but all averaged a little under an hour per episode and the finale a little over an hour. Sticking with Netflix’s usual format, expect the series to stay to around 10 episodes that have about an hour runtime each. The series may commission a few more episodes if it wants to extend the audition process. In season 1, Rhythm + Flow held auditions in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago - cities known for a thriving hip-hop community. The series will most likely visit these cities again, but might explore other major cities with big hip-hop communities, like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston.

Each week, the contestants had to complete a certain challenge (e.g. rap battles, music videos, cyphers, and collaborations). As these challenges focus on elements that are important for the success of hip-hop artists, expect these types of tasks to continue into season 2.

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