Sonja Morgan made her first appearance on The Real Housewives of New York in season 3 and has been gracing fans’ TVs ever since.

Sonja is well-known in the New York social circuit and has had some of the funniest moments on RHONY. As Bravo fans have seen over the years, Sonja lived by the seat of her pants and made impulsive decisions that made great reality TV. Although Sonja has been on Bravo screens for years, there are still unknown or underrated things about “Sonjarita” that aren’t talked about enough.

The Rumored Reason Why Sonja & John Adams Morgan Divorced

One of the biggest questions fans had upon meeting Sonja’s wealth was, who was Sonja Morgan married to? Sonja’s recollection of her divorce was different from her castmates on RHONY. Sonja said “My breakup was pretty boring. We were in love and then we broke up. There was no drama,” according to Nicki Swift.

However, it’s been alluded to on the show that Sonja wasn’t loyal to John Adams Morgan (related to the Morgan Stanley family) and cheated on him, leading to their divorce. Some fans thought Luann went too far by stating that Sonja was with various men in the South of France before her then-husband found out. These days, however, Sonja claims her innocence.

Sonja Was Supposed To Be A Part Of Season 1

While The Real Housewives of New York fans are excited about a new 2023 cast, they’re going to miss Sonja Morgan being a part of their weekly TV schedule. And while Sonja’s been on RHONY for 12 seasons, she could have been on for the full 14!

According to Reality Blurb, RHONY was originally called Manhattan Moms, and Sonja was asked to be a part of the first season. She said, “When they first asked me to come on season 1, when it was just Jill [Zarin] and I for Manhattan Moms, I said no — I don’t know what I’m going to do with a 5-year-old child, I was going through a divorce.” After the first two seasons succeeded, Sonja joined season 3 because she was at a better place in life and it was great for her personal brand.

The Truth Behind The Unsellable Brownstone

Sonja Morgan has lived in a gorgeous townhouse on the Upper East Side since her marriage and divorce from John Adams Morgan. Over the years, however, Sonja has been very honest about not being able to afford the upkeep and wanting to sell it.

As it turned out, this was not a generic storyline on RHONY. Cheat Sheet noted that the townhouse has been on and off the market for the past decade. She has listed the home anywhere from $7-12 million over the years and is sadly still on the market.

She Was In An Off-Broadway Play

In 2016, Sonja Morgan was in an off-Broadway play called Sex Tips for Straight Women by a Gay Man. Created by Matt Murphy, the play was a three-person comedy act based on the book of the same title written by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman, according to Playbill.

The show was a huge success for off-Broadway and ran for four and a half years before closing the curtain. Sonja has always been a performer of sorts, but it’s amazing to find out how many avenues of entertainment she’s been a part of over the years. Now that Sonja’s time on RHONY is done, fans support Sonja Morgan’s future endeavors in show business.

Sonja The Fashion Critic

Sonja Morgan didn’t just have some of the best quotes throughout The Real Housewives of New York, she was also a model, a fashion student, and a fashion designer in her past. On top of that, she was also a critic. According to her website, she was a weekly fashion critic for Star Magazine.

Considering her love and knowledge of fashion, being a critic sounds like it’s right up Sonja’s alley. In many ways, Sonja’s like the modern-day Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

She Really Did ‘Marry The Bank’

John Adams Morgan is a man in high places. He is the son of Henry Morgan—who founded Morgan Stanley—and the grandson of J.P. Morgan, the founder of J.P. Morgan & Co. In short, John Adams Morgan has a long family history with the bank, but he’s not one of those men who lived off his family without accomplishing much. He created Morgan Joseph & Co., an investment and commercial banking firm to support his family.

According to People, John met Sonja when she had a job as a hostess at San Pietro in New York City. The pair quickly became engaged and were married for seven years before eventually divorcing. Because of their high-profile relationship, fans are curious to see Sonja Morgan’s wedding pictures but there aren’t too many publicly out there since they married in 1998.

In October 2000, Sonja and John had a daughter named Quincy Adams Morgan. The name Quincy Adams Morgan happened to be a family name, as John is a direct descendent of two U.S. presidents: The second U.S. President John Adams, and the sixth U.S. President John Quincy Adams.

While there are some horrible husbands on The Real Housewives over the years, the pair were already divorced by the time filming started to know what kind of relationship they had. John Adams Morgan has been married four times (Sonja was his third wife) and had three children all named after his famous family. His first child is his namesake, John Adams Morgan Jr. His second wife gave him a son named Chauncey Goss Morgan (named after councilman and grandfather Chauncey Porter Goss), and Sonja gave him his only daughter, Quincy (named after President John Quincy Adams).

Sonja was divorced from John Adams Morgan in 2006, but she has had her fair share of dates before and after her marriage. While talking to The Daily Dish, she admitted to rumors swirling around her love life.

She dated Prince Albert of Monaco for a short while, she went on a few dates on both coasts with actor Owen Wilson, and she even went on a date with a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband, Paul Nassif. And just like most real housewives, she also dated Harry Dubin. While many say Ramona Singer is the ultimate dater, Sonja Morgan is the real star.

She Attended F.I.T.

Before Sonja got married, had her daughter, and became a reality television icon, Bravo shared that she got a marketing degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Growing up and living in New York City for as long as Sonja has, the woman has made herself a New York icon and met a lot of big names in the fashion world.

Some may not view Sonja Morgan as one of the smartest real Housewives because of her goofy personality and countless flubs on the show, but Sonja is far smarter than what she’s given credit for.

Did She Really Hook up With A Southern Charm Star?

In July 2019, a bunch of Bravolebrities joined the New York Pride Parade. Sonja Morgan was seen dancing on a float alongside Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul. The two were dressed beautifully showing their support for the community.

But after a picture of the two went on Instagram, someone commented a rude comment about Patricia’s son—and Southern Charm star—Whitney Sudler-Smith. Instead of retaliating on Instagram, Patricia made Bravo fans go wild by insinuating that her son wasn’t gay, and that Sonja Morgan would know best. According to People, Altschul wrote, “He’s not gay…ask Sonja." The rumored romance was enough to get Bravo fans buzzing.

She Was Arrested For A D.U.I.

It was a dark day when Sonja Morgan was given a DUI after a weekend in the Hamptons. According to NY Daily News, she was pulled over after rolling through a stop sign when the police officer realized she was intoxicated. She failed the sobriety tests outside of the vehicle, and after refusing to take a breathalyzer test, she was arrested.

Sonja isn’t the only Housewife who has been arrested, of course. Some of the more controversial Bravolebrities have been arrested for similar acts. Thankfully, Sonja learned a lesson from this weekend and has been out of trouble with the law since.

Is Sonja Morgan Done With Toaster Ovens?

It was a long-running joke on the Bravo series that Sonja was creating a line of toaster ovens that would never hit shelves. She would rant and rave about these so-called toaster ovens and yet there was no prototype and were nowhere to be seen.

Funnily enough, Sonja said she was creating a toaster oven cookbook filled with easy recipes for toaster oven lovers, but that book never hit shelves. According to Refinery 29, she has given recipes on social media, however, including “Cinnamon Sugar Rolls,” “Toaster Oven Potato Chips,” and even mac n’ cheese. Her love of toaster ovens even got her on the Food Network show, Worst Cooks in America.

She Had An Event Planning Business

Sonja was one of those women who talks about her accomplishments and all the amazing things she’s done over the years, but there’s not much evidence to back what she’s talking about. Thanks to her former website, however, she did appear to have an event company called Sonja in the City. Her team created parties of a lifetime, no matter the age or theme.

Some of their work included Cat Ommanney’s book launch, the American Friends of Blérancourt Launch Dinner Party, and more. However, it doesn’t look like Sonja in the City is still running, per her business profile on Instagram.

Sonja Won Awards For Her Charity Work

According to her Bravo description, she won an award as a Singular Sensation for Single Women in 1990 for her charitable work. In 2013, she won a New York State Senate award for her businesses in New York City.

Sonja has also been interviewed by countless publications about her helping hand. Regardless of the fights Sonja has started or the embarrassing behavior she portrayed on The Real Housewives of New York, Sonja knows how to give back and do more for society.

She Once Filed For Bankruptcy

According to US Magazine, Sonja Morgan filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after listing “$19.8 million in debt.” After making her own money and divorcing a wealthy man, fans wondered how Sonja could be so low on funds.

The site went on to note that Sonja had to file for bankruptcy because of a bad business deal that left her millions in debt. It took her five years, but Sonja settled the case and can finally move on. She said, “I paid what I had to pay and it wasn’t easy, but at the same time it was an experience.” She continued saying, “It’s nice to be free of everyone looking at my money. I finally have my financial privacy back." Sonja might not be in the richest Real Housewife, but she’s settled.