In a brand new behind the scenes video of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, proved that Teresa Giudice ordered Danielle Staub to pull Margaret Josephs’ ponytail. The hair-pull that was seen around the world caused Margaret Josephs to go to the hospital and she even claimed it made her suffer emotional distraught.

Teresa has never been able to keep herself out of trouble since the star of season one, especially when Danielle Staub is concerned. The enemies turned friends have been plotting this whole season to cause trouble. Josephs was introduced to audiences in season 8 with her blonde pigtails and her lifestyle brand, the Macbeth Collection. Her quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor have caused her some issues with Teresa and Staub, but Josephs never backs down from a good argument.

On Wednesdays all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans was rocked to the core as Staub revealed some incriminating information. Die hard fans of the show were already aware that Staub could be a bit untrustworthy and were not expected believe anything that left her mouth. Melissa Gorga decided to take time out of her Point Pleasant trip down the shore to speak with Staub, informing her that she was no longer welcomed in the group. Naturally, Staub was not going to take this new lying down and after she confirmed that her smoothie was dairy free, twice, she dropped the bombshell that left viewers on the edge of their seat.

It all happened while Gorga explained that it was not right to pull Joseph’s hair and the group would not tolerate that type of violence. Per usual, Staub defended herself saying she was instated and claimed that the store owner has encouraged her to pull the blonde’s ponytail. It was a classic case of he-said-she-said until Bravo rolled the never-before-seen footage showing Staub whispering and giggling with Teresa about what the owner. The most incriminating part was when the footage showed Teresa egging Staub on, saying, “Do it.”  It was safe to say mouths hit the floor and the episode ended on a cliff hanger.

In a sneak peak at next weeks’ all-new episode, Teresa is confronted by Josephs, who is yelling in her face. In all her Teresa glory, she throws her drink, clears the table of the remaining drinks, and storms off, obviously cornered and caught. Fans are left wondering what this means for the rest of the season and Teresa’s friendship with Staub as she clearly did not act alone. Fans were saddened to see Teresa turn to her old ways but not surprised. It’s safe to say that her “namaste” she had at the begining of the season has slipped away.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Bravo.