Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo of RHONJ jokingly feuded over hummus in a Super Bowl ad. The two ladies have not shared the same screen in quite some time and fans are curious to see if they share the same chemistry.

Teresa was once known as the table flipping diva of the New Jersey housewives. The reality star rarely thought before she spoke and often came across as a bit dumb when interacting with her fellow cast members. During the earlier seasons of the third installments of the hit franchise, Giudice would seemingly cause trouble then try to play stupid to get out of her devilish moves. Manzo would waste no time in calling her out with her motherly advice. The two, at one time, were close friends, but have not spoken since Manzo departed the show.

The two housewives have been estranged since Giudice was accused of trying to set up her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, during a Posh fashion show. But according to E!, the two alpha females have postponed their feud to reunite for a quick Super Bowl 2020 ad. Sabra Hummus reached out to the popular tv stars to shoot a commercial that played on their quarrel, saying the only thing that could bring the women together was their delicious dip.

Before fans start to believe that the two have found solace in Sabra’s Hummus, think again. In the sneak peek the two women greet each other coldly and put a quick stop to the rumors that they have mended their bridges. The comedic ad showed the two mothers’ side-eyeing one another and giving angry stares.  Giudice had spoken with Andy Cohen back in November saying the two women had a fun time, but it was Manzo’s fault for the way their friendship ended; she said the mother of three turned against her.

As for Manzo, she had recently spoken about their falling out last year on her son, Albie’s podcast saying she had chosen not to respond to Giudice’s antics over the years. She explained she did not want to live in the past or bring up old wounds. Manzo went on to say she felt she represented the truth and that scared Giudice because no one around the mother of four ever told her she was wrong in how she acted. Towards the end, Manzo just became tired of helping her. Whether you are into football or not, fans will be tuning in to the big game to catch the commercial to watch the two enemies put their differences aside for a minute and a half.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey air on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Source: E!