Teresa Giudice admitted to telling Danielle Staub on RHONJ to pull Margaret Josephs’ hair during their boutique fight. The housewives were left confused as Teresa did not try to deny her part in the incident.

Teresa was once known as the table flipping diva of the New Jersey housewives. The reality star rarely thought before she spoke and often came across as a bit dumb when interacting with her fellow cast members. During the earlier seasons of the third installments of the hit franchise, Giudice would seemingly cause trouble then try to play stupid to get out of her devilish moves. Teresa tried to change her old habits but failed toward the end of this season.

Blaming it on the alcohol, Teresa finally admitted that she was angry with Josephs and in fact did encourage Staub to pull her blonde ponytail. Teresa was caught red-handed by the film crew and had no other option but to cop to the incident. Josephs was stunned by the revelation that was delivered by Melissa Gorga, as was the rest of the cast. Teresa looked like a deer in the headlights when being told that the production crew would in actuality be using the footage. The mother of four then aggressively flipped the bird to the camera and retreated to her room.

All the girls, with the exception of Jackie Goldschneider, chased after Teresa to coax her from her bedroom. Josephs had protected and defended Teresa for years and always reminded the other woman that she was going through a very tough time in regards to Joe Giudice being behind bars. Josephs was left devastated by Teresa’s confession even though Teresa did call Staub to end their friendship once and for all. Both Teresa and Josephs sat on the front porch while Teresa explained that was not the woman she wanted to be. Understandably, Josephs was left confused and told her friend that she needed time to process.

Fans are looking forward to the reunion special, where the women will reveal more insight into their current situations. Viewers of the hit show can only assume that as of now the two are no longer friends. There has been a rumor that Teresa and Staub reignited their devilish friendship. As for now, Josephs has settled her lawsuit and was working on renovating her home while Teresa is working on moving on from her 20-year marriage after her trip to Italy with her four daughters.

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