Rhoni Reuter was born on sixth September 1965 in Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa. Her dad’s name is Doug Returer while her mom is Landa Reuter. Rhoni had a more youthful brother named Thad Reuter. Thad is as yet a Wisconsin occupant, presently dwelling in Platteville, where he functions as a Project Manager for The Haskell Company. Aside from this, no data is accessible with respect to other relatives. In addition, there are no subtleties distributed in the established press about her instructive foundation also.


On October 4, 2007, Reuter was shot and killed at Reuter’s Deerfield condo. She was 7 months pregnant with Gayle’s youngster at the hour of her passing. Marni Yang, of Chicago, was accused of two includes of first-degree murder in the demise of Rhoni Reuter on March 3, 2009. Yang was indicted for first-degree murder in March 2011 subsequent to being blamed for shooting and killing Reuter in an envious fury while wearing a mask. As indicated by court records submitted in the homicide arraignment, Reuter was shot multiple times in her apartment complex in Deerfield, Illinois, on October 4, 2007.

A gunfire twisted to the rear of the head killed Reuter. Likewise, she was shot twice in the midsection, killing the unborn youngster. As per court filings, she likewise experienced two projectile injuries in her arms, which agents decided happened when she endeavored to ensure her baby. She was found in a facedown position in her loft by paramedics. Gayle educated that he and Rhoni had been together for a very long time and that he was the dad of her child.

Rhoni worked at Macy’s and dwelled in Deerfield, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) with her accomplice Shaun Gayle, where she was anticipating her first kid. Despite the fact that they were actually together, Shaun had various sweethearts. Reuter and Gayle had been dating for more than twenty years, having met at a Bears noble cause occasion in Wisconsin.

Rhoni was in the kitchen preparing to go to work when she was shot multiple times, twice in the stomach and once in the head, exhibiting that the professional killer clearly needed both her and her unborn youngster dead.

Yang’s lawyer has as of late uncovered that the arraignment didn’t assess the call discussion among Yang and her dad where she admitted that she had before admitted to the wrongdoing happen to steady badgering and to save her kids from being possibly seen as suspects.

Moreover, John Larsen, a previous FBI specialist, guaranteed that the crime location pictures were not displayed in court, in spite of the way that they were logically significant in uncovering the probability that the genuine guilty party must be taller than Yang.

The agitating worry that emerged because of this was about a unique mark that had been available since the start of the case yet had never been checked or followed upon. It was subsequently settled that it didn’t have a place with any of Yang’s or alternately Reuter’s relatives.