Rhone Vs Lululemon

An overview of both the brands 

Rhone Apparel is an American brand serving men’s athletic wear. Nate, Ben, Checketts, and Casey Edgar are the founders of Rhone. The name Rhone is derived from the river and region in Europe. The company was established in 2004 and serves worldwide. It’s one of the finest men’s sportswear brands.

Lululemon Athletica is an American Canadian athletic brand designed for both genders. It was founded in 1998 as a retailer of yoga wear and later expanded to athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories, and personal care products. It has 574 stores worldwide and also sells online. Its founder’s name is Chip Wilson.

Rhone and lululemon are branded with a special focus on fitness, comfort, and loungewearapparels. Lululemon has stuff for both men and women; whereas, Rhone provides only men’s wear. They both are famous and demanding brands and a person who wears their brand feels charged and energetic. In comparison, Lululemon does not ship orders internationally as it serves the only  United States and Canada.

Price difference

Rhone is slightly cheaper in comparison to Lululemon:

Both brands are expensive, but Lululemon is a little more expensive than Rhone. Lulu is about $10 to $20 expensive to Rhone.


Rhone and Lululemon both are high in quality and are loved by their customers. Some customers say Rhone is better in quality in terms of shirts. Some of the customers say Lululemon is better in quality when it comes to pants. Rhone provides their customers with a wide range of colors and ensures the garments are fashionable. Lululemon provides good quality fabric, which is stretchable and breathable.


All Rhone products are perfect in size except the shirts and t-shirts, which are slightly smaller and are recommended to go up a size. Otherwise, all the products are good enough in size. Lululemon also has an extensive and inclusive sizing option.

You can get products from sizes XS to XXL. As reported by customers, their leggings and tights are true to their size, but their joggers, trousers, and sweats are usually one size smaller.

Wide collection and choice

Lululemon has more varieties and options compared to Rhone, which has only men’s athletes and office wear. If you want to choose from a wide range of colors and designs then you can go for Lululemon. They have more varieties bothbothersand they provide clothes and accessories and also self-care products like shampoos, deodorants, balms, and other products.

Return policy

Rhone’s return policy is significantly more difficult than Lululemon’s. As per the customer reviews, Lululemon’s return policy is better and easy without any hassle. Lululemon provides free returns within 30 days with some conditions like clothes with tags and unwashed. So, here Lululemon is better.

Product comparison of Rhone and Lululemon

Rhone commuter pants vs Lululemon ABC pants

Rhone’s commuter pants’ material is a little bit lighter compared to Lululemon ABC pants. It is simple and classy. Both are compatible when it comes to pants with the necessary comfort. Lululemon ABC pants are super comfy and stylish. Rhone’s commuter pants are simple, elegant, comfortable, and price worthy. Lululemon and Rhone are both good brands and are very difficult to judge. People often choose Lululemon on Rhone. Choosing either of the working and gym brands is worth it as they provide good quality.

Anti-odor technology

Lululemon and Rhone both provide anti-odor clothes. It uses silver in fabric. The reason for using silver in the fabric is silver stops the stink-causing bacteria. Silver releases positive ions that are attracted to the bacteria’s negatively charged ions, which results in kicking up a big stink.

Customer reviews on Rhone’s vs Lululemon

The material of the pants that Rhone offers is much lighter than what Lululemon provides. Lululemon offers a wide range of selections; whereas, the Rhône focuses on particular men’s wear. Lululemon shorts are better compared to Rhone’s. Lululemon is slightly more expensive than Rhone. The above reviews are in favor of Lululemon, though, it does not prove that Rhone is not good. People prefer Lululemon more because it’s an old brand and has more options. In short, both the brands are good and price worthy.


Both brands are good in quality. But, if I had to choose from the two brands, I would choose Lululemon as it has more options.